Postnatal Care

Nov 29, 2019

pregnant woman kneeling beach

Recovering from pregnancy through yoga and diet can help so many women. For people who practice yoga regularly, you may be keen after pregnancy to return to your practice, or perhaps you are thinking about starting yoga for the first time to help you get back into shape, at the same time as reconnecting with your body. Yoga is a great way to support post pregnancy recovery as it can easily be tailored to your needs, strength and energy levels. You can do it from home while caring for your little one, or use it as an opportunity to get out and connect with other Moms. This article will look at the benefits of post pregnancy yoga practice, as well as give advice on how to support your recovery with diet.

When to start your yoga practice

It is normal to wait about 6 weeks after giving birth before gradually starting to ease back into yoga practice, just to make sure that you are in good health and are not pushing your body too hard. Practicing yoga is a great way to help you nurture your body and mind, it will help you gently build up your strength, physical fitness as well as tone your body back up again.

Whether you decide to do solo yoga at home or join a class will depend on your preferences and what you feel is best for you. If you can arrange for someone to watch over your little one for a few hours then it could be an opportunity for a bit of a break and some social time.

Connecting with other Moms

Alternatively, you could bring your baby with you and join a mom and baby class. Not only can this be a lot of fun, but it could help you meet and connect with other Moms. Many new Moms find this really beneficial and rewarding, as you can support each other, share your stories, and give advice to one another. Having this kind of support network is equally as important for your mental health and well-being.

Supporting your recovery through diet

If you are planning on supporting your post-natal recovery through yoga or any other forms of exercise, it’s important to maintain adequate nutrition at the same time. You’re body will be in need of certain food groups, nutrients and vitamins such as protein, healthy carbohydrates and anti-oxidant rich foods, to help it recover from the toll that pregnancy can take on the body, as well as provide you with the energy and nutrients that you need for exercise and post exercise recovery.

Eating a balanced diet at this time is key

You may be familiar with keto vs. Atkins debate; two of the most popular diets for weight loss. While this may be tempting for some pregnant woman to help them tone up again and get back into shape, and while these diets do have many benefits, following a diet plan at this time, particularly one that restricts carbohydrates, is not recommended. Eating a balanced diet and doing light exercise is a much better and healthier way forward.

Healthy carbohydrates are important

Healthy carbohydrates are the bodies main source of energy, and many carbohydrate rich foods such as whole grains, dairy and a range of fruits and veggies contain other essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, iodine, fibre and folate. These are an essential part of a post pregnancy diet as your body will no doubt be in need of a boost of these healthy foods to help replenish what was used up during pregnancy.

By writer Jane Sanwood
for Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation Studio in Tampa, Florida