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Is there a new student special?

YES! You can do a Month of Unlimited Yoga for $39.00. This starts the day you purchase it and lasts for 30 days.

To sign up in advance please purchase a single class when you sign up, and then we will apply that value towards your new student special when you arrive at the studio. We are not able to sell this special online, but we will take great care of you, and set up your special when you arrive.

This special includes all our regularly scheduled classes as well as our meditation classes, over 90 a week!

Please watch a quick NEW STUDENT VIDEO to help you prepare for your first visit.

Note: This special is good for in the studio only, and not on the virtual studio, you can purchase separate day, week or month passes directly on the virtual studio.

I'm a beginner - what should I take?

We have Beginner/Yoga 101 classes multiple times a week, but you can also attend any of the classes that are named Gentle, Stress Relief, or Yin Yoga. Once you take 2 or 3 of the beginner specific classes you will know if you feel comfortable and would like to increase the difficulty. You can then move into a Flow Level 1, Flow Level 2 or Hot 26, and finally into Power or Hot Power which are more advanced classes. Advanced doesn’t mean a newbie can’t attend, just be sure you are ready not to take yourself too seriously.

If you would like to try a hot yoga class, but are somewhat new to yoga, we suggest you start with the Hot 26 class as it is more beginners level in difficulty. But please arrive very hydrated, as this class is 106 degrees. A Hot Power class is 98 degrees, although postures and transitions will be a bit more challenging. No matter what you take the most important thing is that you remember everything is optional and rest whenever needed.

As a beginner it is normal to sometimes feel confused as you are in shapes that are new to your body, you may need to look around at others, and you might feel tight and wobbly. Totally normal! Stick with it, you will leave feeling amazing.

Watch our new student video above to help you understand what to expect on your first visit!

How do I sign up for classes?

Please select “Sign Up” next to any class on our schedule or on the free Bella Prana app. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your class.

Once you have an account with us our FREE APP is the quickest way to check the schedule, sign up, and see your all your account info! First, you must create your account on our website, then you can login with the same login you created. It will remember you after that, so you will be able to sign up and view our offerings lightning fast!

Search “bella prana” in the app store on iPhone and Android.

After you sign up online and follow the prompts to create your account, or after you attend your first class at the studio, we will have you in our system so you can use your email address as your username.

If you signed up in the studio first, and not online, then use your email as your username and hit “forgot my password” to set up your password for future sign ups.

Come in early if you have any trouble or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

NOTE: Signing up in advance reserves your spot up to 5 minutes before class starts. At 5 minutes we will begin to let in walk in’s, so please arrive at least 5 minutes or your spot may be given to a walk in student. We appreciate your understanding so we can serve the largest number of people in our community.

What do I need to bring?

We ask that you bring a yoga mat if you have one, but if you don’t we have community mats you can rent for $1. We do have mats for sale in our boutique.

We suggest you bring some water, if possible. You can refill your bottle at our filtered water station. We also have boxed water available for $3.

If you would like to use our showers please bring a towel or rent one for $1.

Watch our quick NEW STUDENT VIDEO to help you understand what to expect on your first visit!

How should I dress?

You should dress comfortably! You will be kicking off your shoes once you arrive in the lobby. We suggest a shirt that is fitted enough it won’t fall over your head if you bend over. For your shorts or pants, choose a pair that you can lift your leg up comfortably and not flash your neighbor.

What is yoga etiquette?

Please be about 10 minutes early to your class.

Community mats are available for $1 to rent if you need a mat.

Please no talking on your cell phone in the lobby.

Please turn your cell phone on airplane mode during class and do NOT bring your phone into the studio.

We also ask that you not use your Apple Watch in any way during class.

We ask that you not wear any strong scents.

If you tend to sweat a lot, or are attending a hot yoga class of any kind, please bring a towel, some are available for rent at the studio for $1.

There is no talking during a yoga class to allow everyone in the room to have their own experience.

Our studio is a radically inclusive place, all people should be treated with respect and kindness.

Leave all bags and personal items in the lobby.

Leave anything of value out of sight in your car.

What is the Bella Prāṇa Collective?

Our Mission

The Bella Prāṇa Collective believes that wellness shouldn’t be a luxury, that wholeness cannot exist without equity, and that every person deserves access to healing experiences.

The Collective has been serving our community for 13 years. We seek truth through the ancient practices of yoga and meditation gifted to us by the ancestors of South Asia and yogis all over the world. We geek out over that knowledge through workshops and trainings, and freak out over any chance to celebrate each other as we are. It doesn’t matter who you are, how you identify, where you are from, what you do or who you love. As you are in this moment, and every version you will become – we want to be your home.

Our Values

Integrity – earning our community’s trust by keeping our word. Because we are humans, we promise to make it right if we mess up.

Humility – all people who walk through our doors are asked to come as they are physically, mentally and emotionally. We welcome the swagger of a good hair day and the tears of a hot mess.

Inclusivity – our space is for any and all persons interested in love, growth, health and connection. Nothing less than radical acceptance will be welcome in our space.

Service – we are a place of healing, dedicated to caring for every being that walks through our doors. We are committed to providing a variety of experiences intended to serve you at every stage of life.

What does Bella Prāṇa mean?

“Bella” is Italian for beautiful and “Prāṇa” is Sanskrit for energy. Bella Prāṇa means “Beautiful Energy” and represents our intention to create a warm, welcoming, and healing space where you can experience yourself at a deeper level.

What will happen on my first visit?

When you arrive at the front desk please let our staff know you are a new student! They will help you create an account if you haven’t already online. You will then pay for your new student special or purchase a package.

We will give you a quick tour to be sure you know where all your resources are and have everything you may need. Never hesitate to ask any Bella Prāṇa staff member a question, we want you to feel relaxed and completely at home.

You will then move through the archway into the lobby to put your things in a cubby. You will kick your shoes off and head into your studio where your instructor is available for any questions.

Props are items that support you in a yoga posture such as a blanket, block, or bolster. Instructors will let you know what you may need, and you will have access to all of these items at no cost throughout class to ensure you are fully supported. You are not expected to know how to use them, we will help guide you. We also love when you ask us questions – please don’t hesitate.

Watch our quick NEW STUDENT VIDEO to help you understand what to expect on your first visit!

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

We ask that you sign up in advance, though it is not required. Walk in students are welcome, however we cannot guarantee your spot unless you reserve a space in advance.

If you sign up in advance we will save your spot UNTIL 5 MINUTES BEFORE class. If you sign up in advance and do not cancel 12 hours prior and do not show up you WILL be charged.

After you sign up or attend your first class we will have you in the system, so you can use your email as your username and sign in as a current client.

Some DONATION only Classes require a $5 minimum if you want to reserve your spot online in advance. But you can attend for FREE if needed by showing up as a walk-in student.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions and we’ll get right back to you.

Please arrive a 10-15 minutes early, especially if it is your first visit.

Can I be late to class?

If there is room in the studio and no students would be moved or disturbed we allow students to enter up to 5 minutes after class has begun. After 5 minutes we do not allow students in the room to protect the environment and because you have missed the warm up this policy is for your safety as well. We ask that you not arrive late habitually, but we know life happens. So as long as you are less than 5 minutes late, there is room, and no disturbance will be created then we do what we can to work with you. Because getting you on the mat is our priority, while also protecting the overall environment for your fellow students.

If I do not come, will I be charged?

Yes, if you don’t remove your name or communicate with us. We ask that you cancel online or in our app, it only takes a moment. As long as you cancel online 12 hours in advance you will not be charged.

If you cancel within the 12 hour window, you WILL be charged for class. We know life happens, so if you have a unique circumstance please email us.

If you are an annual member and you do not remove your name from the class roster you will be charged a $10 NO SHOW FEE to the card that is on file with your annual contract.

This allows us to serve the largest number of people in our community, so we appreciate your understanding!

What level I should take?

When you are looking at the schedule you can select “view details” below each class. All of our classes are open to everyone, you just have to be willing to rest if needed, and modify postures for your body.

We think a sense of humor is required in yoga. In terms of difficulty our beginners, restorative, gentle and yin classes are more grounding and will not build as much heat.

Our flow level 1 is an intermediate class, while our flow level 2 is slightly more challenging and will introduce you to more difficult poses or transitions.

Our Power classes and Hot classes are more challenging, but are still open for all levels to try. Just be ready to modify for your body.

Hot 26 is a set series every time, some consider it great for beginners, however it is about 106 degrees in the room, so please be well hydrated if you choose to attend.

The only way to find your favorite classes is to try, so please try the New Student Special to come check out different levels and styles.

Ask us questions – we will help you every step of the way!


Private yoga instruction?

Absolutely! Please email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself, any goals you have, and any injuries or disabilities you may have so that we can tailor the experience for your needs. Private yoga sessions are perfect for beginners, student’s looking to further their practice, and those with unique needs or interests.

The cost varies based on your needs and the instructor. An hour private session is $75 on average. Let us know if you would like to work with one of our incredible instructors one on one.

Signing kids up for class?

If your child is attending class they must have an account of their own. Please create a new account under their unique name and log-in to this account to sign them up for classes. If you are logged in, simply log out to create a new account.

You MUST use a different email address for your child’s account, though you could use the same password if you choose.

We know them having their own account creates an extra step, and we greatly appreciate your understanding.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1112 W. Platt St.. Tampa, FL, 33606. Look for a white building with a green stripe along the bottom. We are located next to the Lighthouse for the Blind on the corner of Platt St. and Newport. Platt St. is a one way street toward downtown so we will be on your right after the light at Willow Ave. See the contact page for directions!

Where do I park?

We have many parking options for you! You can park anywhere across the street from our entrance in the paved and gravel lots. We also have two lots on the corner of Delaware Ave. that are marked for the Lighthouse for the Blind and Bella Prāṇa. You can also park in the lot directly behind our building on Newport Ave, however you will be towed if you park in spaces marked for other businesses. There is also street parking. Combined we have over 100 parking spaces, so worry not!

We’d like to suggest that persons with a disability, parents with children, and pregnant students use the lots on Delaware Ave. so that you do not have to cross a busy road.

What is hot yoga?

Hot Yoga classes are held in a heated room to help the body detoxify and warmth can help to aid in stretching and rehabilitation. Our Hot Yoga classes are heated to around 90-100 degrees. The Hot 26 class is a set series of 26 poses, so each class has identical posture. In Hot 26 the room is heated to 104 – 106 degrees. Hot classes are not for every personality or body type but are beloved by many students. If you would like to try a hot yoga class we suggest you arrive well hydrated, bring additional water, and avoid caffeine previous to your class. We hope you will come try it out and our staff is there to help guide you and be sure you have everything you need.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the science of using breath and awareness to cultivate a calm focused energy that allows us to be in the present moment and re-define how we interact with our thoughts. Meditation utilizes specific breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure, increase oxygenation, and still the mind. At Bella Prāṇa meditation is foundational to everything we do. Because of this, you will experience breath coaching and varying amounts of meditation in every class. To allow you to grow further in this practice we offer multiple forms of meditation classes for you to choose from.

Different meditation styles?

Whenever you are curious about a class on our schedule you can expand the class description to learn more about your class and instructor.

For meditation here is a brief description of the styles available to you at Bella Prāṇa.

Meditation 101 – In this monthly class you will learn the basics of how to sit and support your body, how to breath, and tips for visualization and relaxation. You will learn verbally from your teacher and then have time to practice.

Yoga Nidra – In Yoga Nidra you will lay back with props and blankets and be walked through a specific verbal guided meditation for about 45 minutes. This is also referred to as “yogic sleep” and provides a deep level of rest.

Guided Relaxation Meditation – During this experience a teacher will help you get comfortable with props and you will lay back and enjoy different visualizations and breath coaching . Yoga Nidra has a specific script and style, where guided meditations can be different experiences each time.

Reiki Meditation – Any class with Reiki means that you will be laying back and energy healers will use the energetic subtle body by hovering their hands over parts of the body to promote healing and the movement of stagnant energy.

What about your virtual studio?

Bella Prāṇa has an incredible online virtual yoga studio with access to over 600 yoga classes on demand!

The virtual studio has classes of every level from beginners to power yoga, including specialty classes such as prenatal yoga or yoga for veterans. We also have at home study courses to help you grow in your practice and knowledge on your own schedule.

$15 per month on Annual Online Membership

Day Pass is $8
Week Pass is $30
Month Pass is $40

*These passes are good for the online studio only.

What about Yoga Teacher Training?

To see all the details about our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training please see the teacher training page. Here you can see all the dates, details and FAQ’s. You can join us in person, live online, or utilize our At Home Training + Study option for a fully on demand experience.

Our training options provide maximum flexibility and are dedicated to making training accessible. Join us for this life altering experience!

Send any questions to [email protected].

Kids in adult classes?

Children must be 13 years or older to attend a regularly scheduled adult class with a guardian. Teenagers 16 and up can attend adult classes on their own. Children must come to class prepared to participate in the class fully.

We highly recommend that minors under 16 years old to NOT attend Hot Yoga Classes.

We feel that children benefit from yoga in different ways developmentally, mentally and physically at different stages of their lives. Also, please note that we do not allow children to be unattended in our lobby for any period of time.

See our schedule for our Family Yoga class where you can attend with your child, and we also have a Baby and Me class for kids 6 weeks to 2 years old.

How much are your classes?

New Student Special Month Unlimited is $39! This special is available to purchase in the the studio only and not online. Please arrive 15 minutes early to any class on the schedule.

Single Class $20
5 Class Package $65 (3 month expiration)
10 Class Package $120 (6 month expiration)
20 Class Package $220 (12 month expiration)

*These packages are good in our physical studio, but not on our virtual yoga studio. Please see below for more details on the pricing of our virtual studio!

Some Donation Only classes require a $5 minimum if you want to reserve your spot online in advance. You can attend for FREE by showing up as a walk-in student.

Consider our Unlimtied Yoga Membership for only $99 a month!

Make a purchase when you sign up or here on our PRICING page.

What type of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check, or debit/credit cards, but not American Express. Your card information can be stored in our system to make future purchases of classes or packages quick and easy.

What is an annual membership?

An Annual Membership Contract means that you will sign up for a monthly auto-pay and receive a huge discount! You can purchase a three, six, or twelve month unlimited yoga package or the Collective Package Membership, both are one year commitments. Your membership will begin on the date of purchase. Please be sure to review the cancelation policy of the Unlimited Membership, and the Collective Package Membership has a NO cancellation policy.

In Studio Membership:

12 Month Membership $99 per month
6 Month Membership $130 per month
3 Month Membership $140 per month

Packages are available that do not require a contract.

On our virtual studio the annual online membership is $15 per month for access to over 500 yoga classes with new content every week!

How do I buy a Gift Card?

You can purchase a gift card online or in person! If you would like a physical gift card please come into the studio. To purchase a gift card online you can go to the bottom of our pricing page. 

If you would like to gift anything on our virtual studio please select the virtual studio in our menu bar. You will select the pink “Purchase a Gift” link on the right side of the screen. Any gift card for the virtual studio can only be used online.

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Get our New Student Special, unlimited yoga for only $39!

With over 90 classes a week, get one month of unlimited yoga for only $39. Just purchase a single class today for $20 and we will apply that towards your special at checkin. Enjoy classes of every level from beginners, to hot yoga, vinyāsa flow, power, gentle, yin yoga, prenatal and more!