Prenatal Training

Mar 30, 2022

prenatal yoga instructor helping pregnant woman in yoga pose

Why Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is the training
I never knew I NEEDED!

“I’m not pregnant.” 

“I’m not Mom.”

“I’m not ever planning on having children.”

“I don’t plan on working with pregnant folks…”

“…so, is this training for me?”

My answer is always a resounding, YES!

These are the most common questions I get when approached about “Prenatal Yoga & Beyond”, and 85-hour, Yoga Alliance ® prenatal yoga teacher training.

I will give (almost all) folks this reply because everyone who has been through this training has said what an impact it has made on their lives. Not just as a yoga teacher, birth worker or fitness coach but as a human being searching for more. More of what, you may ask. More connection to their innermost Self and understanding of what it is to be deeply rooted to your source power. For those who identify as women, it is the understanding of how truly remarkable your female body is and the power that it possesses. It is a connection to other like-minded souls that share your passion for this thing called life. 

Do we give you all the tools to hold space for and guide your pregnant student and client through mindful movements classes like yoga, breathing classes and mindfulness practices? We absolutely do. Do we teach you about how the female body functions, what all the female reproductive organs do and all the stuff we should be taught in health class but aren’t? Yep, we got you covered. Our curriculum is designed to teach you all the science related aspects of pregnancy, prenatal yoga and postpartum recovery but with a thoughtful approach to the beautiful energy we hold in this space of birth.

If you are a yoga teacher, birth worker, therapist (of any kind) or fitness instructor, the skills you will learn in this training will help you;

·         Safely guide each student through their yoga practice for each trimester of pregnancy

·         Learn how to adapt asana (postures) for non-prenatal yoga classes

·         Learn breath work for pregnancy and postpartum recovery

·         Learn how to train pregnancy CORE and pelvic floor

·         Learn how to sequence your prenatal classes

·         Learn how to guide meditations and yoga nidra practices

·         Understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the pregnancy world and wellness spaces

·         Learn adaptive prenatal yoga for all body abilities (wheelchair and assistive devices)

·         Be introduced to teaching through a trauma-informed lens

You will walk away from this experience as a certified prenatal yoga teacher.

You will also leave this space with an understanding of the immense beauty and power of the pregnant body, what you are capable of as a human and with a better understanding of the true nature of the sacred transitions of pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery. 

Email Jessica at, [email protected] for more details or to apply for our BIPOC scholarship for “Prenatal Yoga & Beyond”. BIPOC scholarships are available to all those who identify as black, indigenous or as a person of color.

For additional details about the 2022, Prenatal Yoga & Beyond, prenatal yoga teacher training, please visit this LINK.

This Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Tampa, Florida is hosted by the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective in partnership with Mama Shakti Prenatal Yoga.