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Women kneeling over medicinal plants

Celestial Plant Healing Retreat

February 22 – March 2, 2025

Location: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Celestial Plant Healing Retreat Presents: The Five Koshas

The Koshas, or sheaths, represent layers of our being, ranging from the physical to the spiritual. Through this theme, we delve deep into the exploration of these layers, each offering unique insights and opportunities for healing and growth.
During our retreat, we will journey through the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and blissful layers of existence, guided by the wisdom of plant allies and ancient healing practices. Through a blend of immersive workshops, guided meditations, sacred ceremonies, and experiential activities, we will unravel the mysteries of the Koshas and uncover the profound connection between body, mind, and spirit. 
As we explore each Kosha, we will cultivate awareness, balance, and harmony within ourselves, nurturing holistic well-being and spiritual evolution. Join us on this sacred journey of self-discovery and transformation, as we unlock the secrets of the 5 Koshas and awaken to our highest potential.
What’s Included:
  • 8-night Accommodations
  • Airport Transfers
  • Daily Meals
  • Daily Yoga 
  • Daily Wellness Practices 
  • Workshops
  • Ecstatic Dance Journey
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Master Plant Healing Ceremony
  • Steam Chalice Ceremony
  • Nature Excursion
  • Temezcals
  • Mayan Fire Ceremony
  • Indigenous Herbal Healing
  • 40-Day Initiation Program
  • 40-Day Integration Program
  • Wellness Concierge 

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