Meet Jenna

Jenna, you are simply light and you illuminate the whole studio as soon as you walk in every Wednesday afternoon. Our students, instructors, leaders and Desk Angel community are forever grateful for you and all that you do to keep Bella Prāṇa at ease and functional. You always take care of our students in the best way possible… Read More

Warrior to Waterfalls

Valerie was initially drawn to practice yoga because it provided the opportunity for a physical challenge in a positive atmosphere. The holistic, mind-body approach to health, fitness, and overall wellness that she developed while on the mat kept her coming back. As yoga gradually became a part of her daily life, she realized that she… Read More

Relief of Representation

Prince is performing for Super Bowl Half Time. I say, “Oh! Did you know Prince is Filipino?!” Bruno Marsis performing at the AMA. I say, “Hey! His mom is Filipina!”. Jason from The Good Place? “He’s Filipino!” Vanessa Hudgens? “Guess what everyone?! Yes, she’s part Filipina!” Seeing people like me in the mainstream, without fail,… Read More

Law to Lotus

  Sabrina is one of our amazing Desk Angels at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective. Sabrina began her yoga journey after practicing law and realizing how much it can help quiet her thoughts and aches in the body. When Sabrina is at the front desk, we know our students will be greeted and taken care… Read More

Magical Maharri

“To say that yoga “changed my life” to me seems like an understatement, because of the vastness in which I have been able to recondition, shift, and remerge into this human experience, reborn.”-Maharri Maharri teaches our Hot Power, Flow 1 and BIPOC community class at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective. In each class Maharri offers purely… Read More

We Love Cathy

Cathy is a ray of sunshine every time we see her. We are so honored that she has been practicing with us for the last 4 years! Cathy explains how her yoga practice has had many more benefits than she ever expected. Keep reading below to see how yoga has changed Cathy’s life. What do… Read More

Anatomy Master

“I have had a habit of being in my head and out of my body throughout my life.” -Vanessa Vanessa is one of our incredible teachers at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective and Anatomy instructor in our Yoga Teacher Training. Most of us experience that constant chatter in our brains, making us feel like a… Read More

Susan the Superstar

We want to celebrate you, Susan! When you are at the front desk, we know our students will be greeted with the warmest welcome and biggest smile. Your reliability and willingness to help gives us all peace of mind. You help the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective cater to our students’ needs by simply showing up… Read More

Rachel’s Recovery

Rachel has been practicing yoga with us since 2014! We are so grateful for you! Since then she has begun to recover from battling breast cancer. Yoga has taught her the importance of her thoughts and how they influence her day to day life. Practicing event one moment of gratitude to appreciate the sky, sun,… Read More

Mental Health Resources

At The Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective we believe in the power of therapy, counseling, and asking for help. We are also aware that yoga and meditation, and the topics inherent in those activities, have the potential to bring up a lot within us all. If you are struggling in any way, below are resources we… Read More