Racism in Healthcare

When a Failed System Costs your Life Imagine that you’ve just found out you’re going to be expecting a baby. Your mind comes to grips that you’re about to embark on a privileged journey that should feel like a birthright but you also understand is a blessing that many others won’t receive.  Carrying a baby… Read More

Advice from a Desk Angel

Our Desk Angel, Daphne, continuously shows up for us all. Her commitment to the work at the front desk shines through on many occasions and the continuous light she gives to the desk is truly appreciated. Daphne Barr is truly are one of our finest and most loving Desk Angels and we are thrilled to… Read More

Bella Prana Feels like Home

One of the many rewards we receive at the studio is hearing how yoga and meditation has benefited our students in so many ways. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system with asana, pranayama, and meditation has helped Courtney find a resource for her mental health. We are grateful to have Courtney Dobbs as part of our… Read More

Gift from the Heart

We are delighted to feature Giovanna Hilera as our Teacher of the Month for February 2021. Her purest of heart, fire, bright light, compassion for her students, thoughtfulness and beautiful spirit make us fall more and more in love with her everyday. Giovanna’s transparency, wholehearted words in her classes and her collective care for each… Read More

Community Resources

The purpose of this page is to share with each other the resources on anti-racism and white supremacy that have motivated change in our lives, and at our studio. Below are suggested resources from teachers, trainees, and students in our Bella Prāṇa community, as well as our owners and management team. If you would like… Read More

Our Commitment

  Dear Community, As we stand in solidarity with the Black community we have taken time to converse honestly around our gaps and areas of opportunity to increase representation, awareness and education within ourselves and at Bella Prāṇa studio. Last year we created a set of goals and a commitment to our community to outline… Read More

Alora’s Yoga Journey

Alora Caminiti, our Student of the Month for January 2021, shares how yoga delivers a peace within. Learn about the tools she uses in her yoga and mindfulness practice and her journey to explore and discover its’ many gifts. What do you love about yoga? Yoga allows me to ground when everything around me is… Read More

We love Tammy

We are delighted to celebrate Tammy Thompson as our Teacher of the Month for January 2021. Tammy is a kind soul, passionate in heart, and super nurturing. Her unique gift and radiant spirit makes us and her students filled with gratitude. Learn how Tammy shares her passion of yoga with all of us. When/how did… Read More

Heart & Soul: Ana Sophia

We are delighted to celebrate Ana Sophia Lopez, our Desk Angel for December 2020. The heart in this yogi is so big and her sincerity for being of incredible service to others shows it.  She consistently delivers powerful interactions with every student and makes an impression that lasts.  We appreciate her warmth, enthusiasm, and willingness… Read More

Leadership at the Desk

Kara is the angel that we can count on ALWAYS. We appreciate her years of service to our community. Her leadership at the desk truly shines bright and her natural ability to feel the emotions of others is her unique superpower. She is the steadiness and voice of reason for us all who have the… Read More