Rock Star Desk Angel

Our Desk Angels are the backbone of our studio and we are delighted to highlight, LisaBeth Sinclair, as our November 2020 Desk Angel of the Month. LisaBeth shines bright at our front desk. Her desire to serve and help others in whatever way she can inspires us. She truly nourishes Bella Prana during her shifts… Read More

Trusting Her Inner Voice

Each of us finds a balance to suit our lives. Sometimes it comes in the form of Yoga that extends beyond what we ever imagined. Chrissy Gesmundo, our Student of the Month for November 2020, eloquently defines the peace, magic and pure nature of her yoga practice. We are so grateful to have Chrissy as… Read More

Jirod Heals the Soul

There is something quite magical when you attend one of Jirod’s classes. His presence is peaceful and it radiates throughout the studio. His calm and tranquil voice results in instant presence of being in mind and body. And his connection to his community is so powerful. We are delighted to spotlight Jirod Webb, as our… Read More

I Can and I Will

Trish is a one of a kind Desk Angel. She is observant and makes herself available to help Bella Prana whenever she can. She is kind, laid back, and makes us all feel like somehow life will be okay. We are delighted to celebrate Trish Cilmi, as our Desk Angel of the Month for October… Read More

Brad’s Committed Practice

Brad has been a member of our Bella community since 2016 and we couldn’t be more grateful. He approaches his practice with devotion for the practice, it’s benefits and an openness to explore and go beyond. We are thrilled to celebrate Brad Carlson as our Student of the Month for October 2020. What do you… Read More

Susie Leads from the Heart

There is always a little bit more sunshine when Susie steps in the studio. From her smile, her personality, her devotion to help others and her intuition, she leads from her heart to the heart of others. We are delighted to highlight Susie Rokosch as our Teacher of the Month for October 2020. When/how did… Read More

Pay it Forward at Bella

Bella Prana, in partnership with Breath & Body Alive, is furthering its work to support access to yoga and other wellness modalities for all who seek it by asking our community to pay their yoga forward. The Bella Prana Pay it Forward program is our way of allowing the community to help support others getting on… Read More

Desk Angel Leslie Grimm

We are delighted to celebrate Leslie Grimm as our Desk Angel of the Month for September 2020. Leslie is such a sweet soul and truly embodies beautiful energy.  She’s also our biggest Instagram fan!  Thanks Leslie and congrats on making Bella Prana a welcoming place. What do you love about yoga? I love Yoga because… Read More

A Devoted Yogi

Norma enters Bella Prana outfitted in one of her many cute and stylish hats and has an exuberance for her practice – sometimes joining classes more than once a day. She is sweet, kind, personable and a very devoted yogi. We are excited to celebrate Norma Adams as our Student of the Month for September… Read More

Carla’s Inner Guidance

Carla’s deep rooted mission for her students is to find that center, that mind-body connection and to celebrate it in their own unique expression. Starting her students’ day off for an early morning Hot Power Hour class, Carla reminds her students to slow down, stay rooted and keep supported.  We are thrilled to celebrate Carla… Read More