Wellness Services

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A Wellness Collective

We are a wellness collective because we believe in caring for the whole person. Bella Prāṇa is dedicated to providing healing experiences that connect you to yourself and your community. Our services below will help you be still, breathe, receive, eat nutritiously, and listen to your body. Our goal is to be here to support you at every age and stage of life. Private sessions are available, however we also offer many donation only options, as well as our virtual studio with over 600 classes and online courses to ensure self care is accessible,

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Learn to Meditate

The foundation of yoga is meditation. Yoga is an eight limbed path, and the physical practice, which is called Āsana, is only one of these eight limbs. Meditation is naturally a part of us, however there are specific skills that you can learn to help grow in your ability to cultivate stillness and the ability to be more fully present. Meditation is a part of every class at the studio in some way, however we hold a donation only monthly meditation class where you can learn the basics in an environment where you are not expected to know anything. We will teach you how to sit, how to breath, and how to observe your thoughts instead of being owned by them.

Meditation Class is the 2nd Sunday of the month from 6:00pm – 7:00pm, sign up on our schedule page. Reach out at [email protected]  for private meditation classes.

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Holistic Nutrition

One of the core ways we care for our hearts, minds and bodies is through nutrition. We have an in house Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Bri Chimirri, who works with students to create a plan that can work with your life and address your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing healing experiences in all their forms. For holistic nutrition counseling email [email protected] and see her offerings at holisticallybri.info.

We also have seasonal Ayurvedic workshops, as well as personalized Ayurvedic consultations available, to schedule an appointment email [email protected]. You can also visit our virtual studio to take an Ayurvedic Course at home.

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Massage Services

Our in house massage therapists are with Tampa Bay Sports Massage, and offer services to help recover injuries, treat pain, and support the needs of an active body. Massage is a powerful modality. Touch is healing and knowledge is powerful. Learn how your body is created, aligned and mis-aligned, in need of length or in need of rest. Sports massage addresses your needs directly in a way that is different from therapeutic massage. If you are seeking therapeutic massage we don’t currently have a therapist in house, so we highly suggest Urban Zen Bodywork only a couple blocks away from us. Click here to book a session with Tampa Bay Sports Massage.

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Sound Healing

Healing comes in many forms. At the Collective we have immersive sound baths every other Thursday at 6:30pm. Experience Himalayan crystal bowls with chimes, gongs and more to feel the layering of vibration within your body. Sound healing soothes the nervous system and calms the mind and body. We have everything you need, free blankets and bolsters for your comfort. So come as you are.

Sound healing is used in some of our weekly classes and is no additional cost, and our fully immersive experience twice a month is $25 to attend. Sign up for bi-weekly Sound Healing experiences on our workshops page.

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Reiki Healing

Simply put, Reiki is the act of using your energy in a focused way to create healing in yourself and others. It comes naturally, and is something we are all capable of. At the Collective you can come experience our Moon Expired Reiki Experience class every Tuesday night at 7:15pm.  You can also become a trained Reiki Master in our Level 1-3 trainings taught by Reiki Master Aiyana Fraley. You can sign up for Tuesday night classes on our schedule and Reiki Trainings on our workshops page.

Once a month our Tuesday evening class is donation only in honor of the Full Moon. Reach out at [email protected] for private Reiki sessions.

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Integrative Health

At the Collective we believe in the power of an integrated and holistic health approach. Dr. Jenna Rose NP, is an integrative family nurse practitioner, and has been a yoga teacher here at the Collective for 5 years. Jenna’s medical practice, Rooted Rose Integrative Health, was created to share her passion for holistic healing with the Tampa Bay community. She blends her traditional medicine expertise with natural treatment therapies to help you flourish into the best version of yourself in mind, body, and soul. Rooted Rose specializes in gut, thyroid, brain, and hormone health optimization to help you live a happy and healthy life! 

Click here to book your intro call with Dr. Jenna Rose, NP. Email [email protected] and learn more about her offerings at rootedrosehealth.com

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New Student Special! Get one month of unlimited yoga for only $39!

Enjoy a month of unlimited yoga for only $39 with our New Student Special. To get this offer please sign up for any single class on our class schedule, and pay $20. Then when you arrive, let us know you would like to do the special and you will only pay the $19 difference for unlimited access. With over 90 classes a week, this is the best deal in the city!