Katie Namtu’s Yoga Love

katieWhat does Yoga meant to you?

Yoga is truly sacred and one of my biggest blessings. Yoga teaches me the importance of living in the present and reminds me to embrace all parts of my incredibly blessed life journey. For me, yoga is much more than the asanas; it is the discipline, self acceptance, humility, grace, kindness and sweetness that yoga teaches me. It is these lessons generated on the mat that I strive to take with me off the mat and apply to my life journey and personal development.

How has Yoga and Meditation changed your life?

Amidst the overstimulation of the modern world we often get lost in the haze of constant motion and lose our sense of self. Yoga is a tool that allows me to reconnect my body mind and spirit and regain peace of mind. Yoga teaches me body awareness, appreciation and acceptance. Practicing yoga also serves as a tool for a change in perspective when life events and mind chatter become overwhelming and stressful. It helps me regain clarity and become re-grounded. I firmly believe maintaining my yoga practice throughout my pregnancy contributed to maintaining my energy level, physical and emotional wellness and easing the challenging labor and natural delivery process that I endured. I want to thank all my teachers at Bella Prana and my fellow yogis who have helped keep me motivated and feeling wonderful not only throughout my pregnancy but every time I step into the studio.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

Bella Prana offers an environment to practice in that is welcoming, warm, and encouraging. I appreciate the diversity of teachers and practices. Bella Prana is dedicated to their students and practicing here offers a sense of community which I think is lacking in today’s highly technologically advanced society. I am forever grateful for the practice of yoga and the incredibly gifted teachers at Bella Prana. It is a beautiful place to practice that is filled with beautiful people. I am truly honored to be the student of the month.