Patti Taylor and Yoga

Jul 3, 2015

pattitaylor_optWhat do you love about yoga?

I love that you can practice yoga within your own limits. I never feel like I have “to keep up” but can progress at my own pace.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

Practicing yoga makes me feel great! I am much more flexible and strong and after each class I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and peace. Stress is pretty much a thing of the past!

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

A friend recommended Bella Prana when I told her I was interested in yoga and am I glad she did! I’ve been fortunate to have Erin as an instructor. She is so patient and encouraging.

We are so grateful for you Patti! And to all of our students who recently voted us Best Yoga Studio in Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay 2013! Thank you so much for voting!