Bahareh’s Yoga Tale

Jul 3, 2015

photo 3I became interested in yoga about six years ago after going to a class with a friend. Initially, the stretching and breathing was very appealing to me because I started learning how to calm myself in a way that I did not understand before. Since by nature I tend to be more hyper, I appreciate the guidance yoga brings to my life to find focus and stillness. Also, I am very blessed to work with children everyday and although I love my career, I do have very loud and busy days. Yoga provides an outlet and I truly feel such a difference in my mind and body from the beginning of a class to the end.

I absolutely love Bella Prana and I feel so fortunate to be able to experience the different teachers and classes that are offered. The variety keeps yoga so fun and exciting, and makes me want to strive to find peace within myself and become a better person.