Little Yogis of the Month

Jul 26, 2018

two kids standing on one leg

After our kids yoga camps this summer we knew these two had to be our students of the month! Caine and Cameron are dedicated yogis who worked with Mrs. Rachel every week to learn mindfulness, yoga and life skills. We are so grateful for them and for their parents for allowing them to be a part of the studio as well. We interviewed Caine and Cameron to get some of their insights and here is what they had to say. Don’t miss the story from their mom at the end, you will melt.

What do you love about yoga?

Caine: The relaxed games and the poses.

Cameron: Doing handstands

How has yoga and meditation helped you?

Caine: By getting more energy

Cameron: Getting more exercise and breathing.

What is your favorite part about taking a class at Bella Prana?

Caine: My favorite thing is that it is fun

Cameron: My fun thing is I meet new people.

What is your favorite pose and why?

Caine: Tree pose because it’s easy. 

Cameron: Wheel. Because it’s like a bridge.

Check out this story from their mom Kelly! “While we were in Indiana, Caine and Cameron were in the car with my cousin’s daughter who is fussy in the car. Cameron suggested that Caine hold hands with the baby in order to “share energy”. The act of kindness worked and Baby Evie was calm while Caine comforted her.”