Student of the Month: Carly Wilmath

Apr 14, 2015

What do you love about yoga?

What I love about yoga is my ability to lose myself in the moment when I practice. I find that the poses translate to my everyday life and help me stay grounded. My yoga practice transforms over time and seems to keep getting more challenging and easier at the same time.

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga and meditation have changed my life drastically. Practicing has gradually changed my overall outlook on life and cleared so much mind clutter. Yoga has helped me become a more loving, open, and accepting person. I am easily more spiritually in- tune and happier than I had ever been prior to bringing yoga and meditation into my life.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation?

I practice at Bella Prana because of the beautiful energy that the studio radiates. I have never practiced yoga at a place more welcoming or diverse as far as class selection goes. Amanda, Tina, and Roni are personally my favorite teachers although all of them are amazing. I also love the music and the incorporation of practical yoga teachings. The studio holds a place close to my heart and I feel so grateful to be a part of it. Namaste!