July Angel Justin

Jul 15, 2022

headshot of Justin, bella prana yoga studio desk angel

Justin is our desk angel of the month for July! Justin has been serving the Bella Prāṇa Community for the past three years. You can find him at the front desk on early Friday mornings. Being greeted by Justin’s warm smile and compassionate energy is a the best part about taking a Friday Ashtanga class, our 6 a.m. Hot Power Hour class, or our 7:30 a.m. Hot 26 class!

What brought you to yoga?  How has it impacted your world?

I became a massage therapist 4 years ago and wanted to combine both healing modalities together. At the time, I had never taken a yoga class but was always interested. So I went into Bella Prana to inquire and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training without knowing anything about yoga. I took my first class sitting in the back corner very nervous and anxious. I felt something during the class that was extremely powerful and at the end, felt so connected to the room and to everyone. I was hooked! I discovered another world that led me to peace. Since then, I practice yoga every day. I never stop practicing whether it’s on the mat or off. I apply what I discover on the mat as well as off the mat and everything around me as best as I can. 

What advice can you give to those who are just beginning their practice?

Practice practice practice!!! And take every kind of yoga class you can to figure out what resonates with you. Dive super deep and be gentle to yourself. 

Why are you a Bella Prāṇa Desk Angel?

I am a Bella Prāṇa Desk Angel because I love this place and the people who walk through the doors! I love seeing the Ashtangis in the morning and connecting with them as well as students and teachers who I see there! This place is just amazing and the energy is beautiful just like the name! 

What’s one of your favorite recipes that you would like to share with the Bella Prana community?

Since it’s summer time I’ve been juicing a lot. Watermelon and pineapple specifically have been my staples. I also like to freeze the juice as a snack for freeze pops. I juice them alone but I’m sure you can mix them together! 

Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective is a Yoga Studio in Tampa Florida. If you are interested in becoming a Desk Angel email us at [email protected].