Angel Angelina

Mar 26, 2022

angelina delorenzo arms crossed doing yoga

Angelina is our desk angel of the month for March. We love her warm energy and kind spirit. Her favorite classes are Hot 26 Yoga, and Power Yoga, and you can find her at the desk on Mondays.

What brought you to yoga?

I was led to my yoga journey after a very transformative period in my life. I was searching for a deeper connection to myself and the world around me. I had  practiced some beginner yoga at home, but wanted to further study yoga from its roots. I started a 200 hr YTT in hopes to ultimately gain more awareness. Since then it has impacted my journey tremendously, my practice has become a way of life and has led me to crave more knowledge in all aspects of life.

What advice would you give a beginner?

The best advice I can give to those who are just beginning their practice is to trust. Regardless what kind of class you take, you can trust yourself and your teacher to guide you to exactly where you are meant to be.  Also with trust I think comes being open; open to new possibilities.

Why did you become a desk angel?

I am a Bella Prana Desk Angel because I wanted to connect with the yogic community and help guide students to class with an open heart. I also hope to expand my knowledge through other teachers and studies.

What is your favorite mantra?

My favorite quote is “All is well”. This mantra is one that I always go back to even through hard times. It’s a gentle reminder that everything is okay.

Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective is a Yoga Studio in Tampa Florida. If you are interested in becoming a Desk Angel email us at [email protected].