Our Bella Prana Ashtanga Community had a unique opportunity to practice with Saraswathi Jois this month. Saraswathi is an amazing source of love, motivation and inspiration to practice with! Every one of us had a unique experience of parampara, the direct transmission of knowledge from teacher to student. Read on to hear about Dr. Lisa… Read More

This month, we’re proud to introduce you to Della, our newest Bella Prana Ashtanga teacher! Hello friends! My name is Della Ruth Marsan and I thrilled to have this chance to introduce myself and share with you how Ashtanga came into my life! Even though I didn’t know it at the time, my Ashtanga journey… Read More

This April, we’re showing off Caroline Williams, one of Bella Prana’s Ashtanga teachers! We are so grateful for the love and kindness Caroline shares with our Bella Prana community. Read below to hear about Caroline’s journey to falling in love with Ashtanga Yoga. I began my journey into Ashtanga in January 2013. I was working… Read More

As yoga grows and evolves in our modern world it can be nice to be reminded of simple ways to respect the sacredness of a yoga studio and how to mold your experience around your needs. Below are the main ways that we can take simple steps to honor our shared space and design our practice. Cell… Read More

  When you walk into Bella Prana you might see the smiling face of Kim Amerell, our Desk Angel of the Month! Her smiling face, sweet energy, and positive attitude makes our studio a better place. Our instructors and students are grateful for Kim so we wanted to find out more about this incredible woman! How… Read More

This November, we’re showing off Megan Weathers, one of Bella Prana’s very first teachers! Megan has such loving energy and a sweet softness that makes her presence and yoga practice so healing. We are so grateful that she shares her knowledge with our Bella Prana community. You’ll find her mainly teaching Yin and Restorative! Read below to… Read More

Meet Brittany: one of Bella Prana’s most kind, refreshing, and down-to-earth Desk Angels! We are so grateful for Brittany’s devotion to our studio. She regularly extends her awesomeness to our community and helps out wherever she can. Brittany is a true angel! Read below to see why Brittany volunteers at Bella Prana: What do you… Read More

This November, we’re giving a big, grateful shout-out to Cheryl, our Student of the Month! Cheryl is SO amazing. You’ll spot her in the studio taking Hot 26 or getting her zen on in a Reiki Healing! Cheryl’s beautiful spirit truly makes our studio a better place. She also has awesome yoga style and wears… Read More

After the yoga retreat in India I was exhausted. So many colors and so much to see and do. I decided to spend a week in Nepal after by myself, and the first morning I woke up in Kathmandu I was thrilled to relax and ease into this time off. I ordered some breakfast in… Read More