Yoga and Swimming

The Gift of Reciprocity: The Link Between Yoga and Swimming  In this blog post, Bella Prana friend, Jane Sandwood, shares about the connection of the practice of yoga and swimming with parallels of body awareness, breath control and strength and flexibility. Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies, according to Dr. G. John Mullen of… Read More

Soulful Tayo

Tayo is a soul-forward individual. Tayo cares so much about our community and continues to strive towards creating strong and meaningful relationships with our students. Always leading with their heart first, we are thrilled to celebrate Tayo as our Desk Angel of the Month for July 2020. What do you love about yoga? To me,… Read More

Compassionate Shannon

During our time of quarantine, our business closed temporarily and the many emotions along with the unknowns, we find seeds of love. We are honored to celebrate and share with our community, Shannon Young, our Student of the Month for July 2020. Shannon went above and beyond to cheer on our small business with social… Read More

Teri is a Rock Star

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! That’s exactly what our Bella instructor, Teri Martin, did when we were faced with our quarantine. Wanting to continue to maintain connection with our students, Teri quickly started recording classes at her home with fun and creativity. We are honored and grateful for all the content she… Read More

Hot 26 lends a hand

We’re delighted to feature Benjamin Reynolds, our Student of the Month for April 2020.  Benjamin’s go to class is Hot 26 and he describes so many health benefits that yoga has provided to him, including relief to migraines and better sleep. We are fortunate to have him and his fiance as students. What I love… Read More

We love Julianne’s smile

Julianne Andrews has such a radiant and positive soul. She always puts others first and gives 1000% of her vibrant energy to her yoga community! We are super excited to have Julianne as our Desk Angel of the Month for April 2020. What do you love about yoga?  My yoga practice is my way of… Read More

Sahara – Guiding Light

As dolphins float calmly, eloquently, quietly, peacefully, so does the spirit and light of Sahara Rodriquez. As our Teacher of the Month for April 2020, Sahara’s spiritual, healing energy work, meditation and many resources and paths are where one can find the spirit of Oneness. When/how did you discover yoga? I moved to New York… Read More

Silver Linings

I hesitated to share this because I want to be sensitive to people’s experiences, but I stumbled upon this quote by the Dali Lama, “Happiness is the highest form of health”, and this got me thinking. Maybe it’s my way of coping, or self- soothing, but I try to find the positive in everything. So… Read More

HELP! I’m Stuck at Home!

Help! I’m stuck at home and my diet has gone out the window! I’ve got you!  First things first. You are not alone. This is new territory for us all, and we’re all doing the best we can. With that said, I almost wish I would have invested stock in pasta. In grocery stores all… Read More

Routines & Schedules

Routines & Schedules: Why Something That Sounds Boring is Powerful. We were thrown a pretty big collective curve ball recently, and I know I’m still adjusting. My normal weekly routine of teaching large yoga classes, going to school, counseling clients in person, and visiting with friends and family pretty much flipped sideways overnight. Everything in… Read More