Meet Jenna

Jenna, you are simply light and you illuminate the whole studio as soon as you walk in every Wednesday afternoon. Our students, instructors, leaders and Desk Angel community are forever grateful for you and all that you do to keep Bella Prāṇa at ease and functional. You always take care of our students in the best way possible and manage to alter their whole experience at the studio. Your kind heart and dedication to our community and your practice is both seen and appreciated. We are all so grateful for your attention, patience, and time that you volunteer to Bella.

If you’d like to learn about how Jenna has been completed transformed by making yoga a daily practice, please read below! 

What brought you to yoga? How has it impacted your world?

I introduced myself to Yoga a few times throughout my life. Series of events led me back to Yoga in 2017 where my intention to practice transcended visual, physical results. I had spiritually deep questions I was ready to receive answers to & I found them! How? By first closing my eyes & listening to my breath! This is the most valuable tool of communication we all have access to. After daily, dedicated practice (even for 1 min or 90 min) I can Breathe so Deeply with control, My focus is sharp & I have a steady heart! Yoga is life! It means “to yoke” or “union.” Union of Individual Consciousness & Universal Consciousness. How we act on our mat, our intention behind our movement, how we think, how we breathe, what we are practicing- that’s how we act off our mat. How we make ourselves feel ends up being how we make others feel. Sometimes we aren’t pleased with that person or there are unfavorable thoughts that surface. Yoga teaches us that we are not our thoughts. We are not even our body. We don’t have to be attached to past stories we tell ourselves. Every Breath is an opportunity to allow Well- Being to Stream, Create Space & Transform! You have Full Permission to simply “Be.” To simply exist & radiate Love & Healing to anyone that is willing to receive it. First, Tune in & fill up! We can’t pour offerings out of an empty cup!

2. What advice can you give to those who are just beginning their practice? 

It’s You. It’s You. It’s all You baby. This is your journey & you are making the most important decision of your life by choosing Well-Being as priority One. It is your Divine right. “When you Heal yourself, you Heal the World.”

3. Why are you a Bella Prana Desk Angel?

I completed my 200Hr. Yoga teacher training of 2020 with Bella Prana & was offered the awesome opportunity to assist behind the scenes operations that make us such a brilliant studio! The Teachers, the Angels, Our Collective! They have helped me in my life’s purpose of expanding Well-Being & Creating Healing Experiences for all people. Our Mission is aligned & I observe it being accomplished as I am Present at Bella!

4. What book or documentary has changed your life in the recent year and why?

“Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Please read! I led a book club on this Masterpiece & it not only changed my life, it transformed my book club! You’ll learn Scientifically what you already Know on a Soul level! Neuro-plasticity, Epigenetics, & how to Create your Future are some of the juicy topics you’ll enjoy. 

Please join us at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective! We offer over 90 classes a week for every level from Beginners to Hot and Power Yoga, over 500 classes on our virtual studio and 16 livestream classes per week! We provide specialty classes such as meditation, prenatal, baby and me, veterans yoga, and kids classes. We also have a 200 & 300hr Yoga Teacher Training and regular workshops and events designed to help you develop your yoga practice and evolve personally. We have an amazing New Student Special so please come let us prove to you why we are your yoga home!