Warrior to Waterfalls

Valerie was initially drawn to practice yoga because it provided the opportunity for a physical challenge in a positive atmosphere. The holistic, mind-body approach to health, fitness, and overall wellness that she developed while on the mat kept her coming back. As yoga gradually became a part of her daily life, she realized that she had discovered something greater than just a simple workout: she had found a frame of reference that matched and expanded her own worldview. Learn more about Valerie and why she loves teaching yoga at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective below!

When/how did you discover yoga?
I took my very first yoga class in 2013 because it benefited a charitable organization I was involved with at the time— and it lead me down a rabbit hole I have never recovered from!

What do you love about teaching yoga?
I love being able to share this life-improving practice with others! One special privilege I have as a flow teacher is being witness to the hard work that folks put into their physical practice— and every now and then, getting to see the little “aha” moments. These are the times when you’re doing a posture for the one-thousand and first time and something new “clicks” to change and strengthen your connection to your body.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?
Yoga and meditation have expanded my worldview and improved my connection to myself and others. My physical practice is a way I can start or end any day feeling focused and well.

Why do you teach at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective?
I teach at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective because of our supportive and devoted community of students and teachers.

Tell us a fun fact about you?
A fun fact… I am a high school teacher Art teacher. I spend my summer breaks obsessively working on personal crafts and hunting waterfalls!

Thank you Valerie for being such a positive light in our lives and providing students with the ability to practice with you. We are so honored you choose the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective to be Yogi home. We are filled with joy to choose you as our Teacher of the Month for September.

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