Yama & Niyama – a guide

The spiritual path of yoga is much more than the postures we do on our mat. While the postures are important, they actas a gateway to integrating and understanding the subtler and profound practices of the yoga philosophical system, there is much more to yoga beyond your favorite yoga pose. In the yoga sūtras (a… Read More

Maddy is Magnificent

Our Desk Angel Maddy is a professional musician getting her second masters in Violin! Maddy’s calming energy gives us all peace of mind. She helps Bella Prana care for our students’ needs by simply being on top of every detail to be sure they can float in and out of class. We honor and appreciate… Read More

Grateful for Julianne

Julianne is a shooting star full of positive energy. As soon as you meet her, you feel significant and welcomed. Julianne is our Teacher of the Month for May and we couldn’t be more delighted. She cares about each individual student and makes each one of her practices unique. Julianne will be moving next month… Read More

Holly & Bill’s Date Night

Holly and Bill have been coming to Bella Prana for the last 10 years, specifically to Megans Yin Class. We have nominated them to be our Students of the Month for May! They are always so kind and caring. We can’t imagine them not being a part of our Bella Prana family. We are so… Read More

Family of Yogis

Mary has been such a faithful student since February 2020 and the mother of our long time student Staisy Kibert. That’s why we nominated her to be Student of the Month for April. She is always kind, and positive and we are so grateful she is a part of our community! What do you love… Read More

About Diacritic Markings

Our logo and name has a new look! We’re thrilled to share this new look which accurately portrays the Sanskrit (saṁskṛta)word Prāṇa with appropriate diacritic markings. In the language of Sanskrit, each letter has a precise and individual pronunciation. This is different than in English where letters have multiple pronunciations based on the letters that… Read More

From Marines to Meditation

Zach is someone we can always count on to bring us positivity, and laughter. He is our Teacher of the Month for April 2021. Zach is always willing to teach our larger events such as Armature Works or Sparkman Wharf. Zach is strong, kind and inspiring. He teaches classes from Power Yoga to Yin multiple… Read More

Yoga Changed Isabel’s Life

We appreciate Isabel for how steady and reliable she is during the busy weekend mornings. That’s why we nominated her to be Desk Angel of the month for April 2021. She truly stands out with her dedication and commitment to providing professional, efficient, and timely customer service to our students. We know we can always… Read More

Racism in Healthcare

When a Failed System Costs your Life Imagine that you’ve just found out you’re going to be expecting a baby. Your mind comes to grips that you’re about to embark on a privileged journey that should feel like a birthright but you also understand is a blessing that many others won’t receive.  Carrying a baby… Read More

Advice from a Desk Angel

Our Desk Angel, Daphne, continuously shows up for us all. Her commitment to the work at the front desk shines through on many occasions and the continuous light she gives to the desk is truly appreciated. Daphne Barr is truly are one of our finest and most loving Desk Angels and we are thrilled to… Read More