Seniors + Care Givers

Jan 20, 2023

two women doing yoga for seniorsFebruary 4th and 5th the Collective is hosting a Training for Yoga Teachers and Care Givers interested in learning how to serve our seniors population, as well the growing population of care givers. If you are a Care Giver or a Teacher please come join us! Below your instructor Lisa Wilson speaks to this experience. Reach out to us with questions at [email protected] and sign up here!

Learn to teach yoga to seniors in this innovative in person training workshop where we will explore ways that yogic philosophy and methodology can be adapted to support people in later stages of life.  Through reflective activities and exercises that cultivate sense of purpose, human connection, understanding the importance of self care, you will gain insight to coping with life’s changes and your own relationship to acceptance and loss. 

Practical ways of applying the inner wisdom you gain will be offered to help you learn how to develop creative care options for others. We will cover safe and healthy range of movement exercises, use of  props in teaching, as well as breathing and meditation practices that help to enhance healthy connections. 

Learn to view the aging process through the lens of the yogic philosophies and practices aligned with the Eight Fold Path, the yogic ethical principles that can enhance health and wellbeing. By learning and then applying your understanding of the Yamas and Niyamas or (yogic ethical guidelines) in your teaching approach, specifically Ahimsa (non violence) and aparigraha (non grasping), you will be able to lead others with more intuition and compassion. Sharing these practices of awareness with others will help increase longevity and enhanced happiness in aging. 

The practice of yoga is a wonderful way for seniors to maintain flexibility, balance, and strength. It can also help reduce stress and improve overall well-being. If you are a yoga teacher looking to specialize in working with seniors, this Seniors Yoga Teacher Training is for you.

This comprehensive training program will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively teach yoga to seniors. You will learn how to adapt poses and sequences for different abilities and limitations, as well as how to modify your teaching style to meet the needs of older students.

In addition to learning about the physical benefits of yoga for seniors, you will also delve into the psychological and social aspects of aging, and how the yoga practice supports seniors in these areas. You will learn about the common age-related changes that can affect students, and how to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for seniors in your classes.

Upon completion of the training, you will be qualified to teach yoga to aging populations with confidence and compassion. Whether you are looking to teach at a senior center, retirement community, or in private sessions, or help care for loved ones, our training will prepare you to work with this special population.

The importance of self efficacy, strength, dignity and grace, that is emphasized in this experience will help you encourage others, as well as yourself to live well for not only the length of your life but the breadth of it as well.

Join us for this life-changing experience and help seniors experience the many benefits of yoga. 

Areas of focus for this weekend immersion include:

  • Guidelines for sharing the yogic practice with older adults
  • Understanding the aging process
  • The aging experience: Common conditions, contraindications and adaptation
  • Pain management with emphasis on Breathwork and Meditation
  • Brain work and body puzzles: ways of stimulating connection mind/body
  • Props, tools and adapting asana
  • Limb balancing
  • Art, music and the importance of creative activities
  • End of life death doula work
  • Building community
  • The BIG business of aging
  • Importance of play
  • Emotional care
  • Self care (Care for the caregiver)

    By Lisa Wilson, follow her work on IG @ComfortMeasures4Labor