Let me Introduce Myself

May 8, 2024

As a leader at so many healing events at The Collective, I want to take a moment and introduce myself.

My name is Aiyana and I am a licensed massage therapist 24 years now and a Reiki Master – and I love what I do. My practice has changed throughout the years but the one consistent thing I bring into it is my full intention and attention to your well-being. I considered myself a holistic practitioner because I do not only focus on the physical imbalances that are often the reason clients seek out my services. I also listen to the body’s inner wisdom and what it is saying about a client’s emotional, mental and spiritual state of health. We cannot treat the parts separately and expect healing, for every part contains the whole. We must look at ourselves as intricate beings containing many layers of experiences with our mind-body-spirit. That’s how I approach my work and my life.

I’ve been around a while and have learned a lot of modalities to help people arrive at a place of balance and peace. Sometimes it looks like Thai massage and sometimes it looks like Reiki, and many more times it looks like an integration of all of the techniques I have acquired from loving and compassionate teachers, and thousands of hours of my own practice that come together in a unique way.

I never know what will come up in a session, but I always trust that whatever you need to experience whether it’s peace, pain relief, or healing of some other kind it will come through for us both. It is a wonderful miracle to witness as a practitioner. It brings me a lot of joy to see clients get better, and even more so to have transformative experiences.

I have a sweet little space in Central St. Pete where I practice, in addition to my offerings at Bella Prāṇa Collective. I welcome you to join me.

Wishing you peace and health.  – By Aiyana Fraley, learn more about her offerings at handtosoulhealing.com

Join Aiyana on Tuesday nights at 7:15 – 8:15am for Reiki and Yoga Nidra as well as her Reiki Teacher Trainings at Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective. Sign up here.