A Zirit Life

awesome yoga photo_opt-1Tricia Schuster is a Bella Prana student and the creator of the Zirit Lifestyle! What is zirit? In short it is the combination of “Zany” and “Spirit”, two things we must have at all times to foster true joy. She has now created a blog on www.zirit.com where you can read more about the zirit philosophy, and read more about her inspiring and fun way of looking at life. To the right you will see Tricia front and center with other Bella Prana students who turned a night in Ybor into a zirit moment!

“I am not the obnoxious yoga pusher even though I know you are all saying to yourself “if I have to hear about Tricia’s yoga classes one more time I think I might vomit”..and I am not my compulsion of plucking stray hairs..I am not my rollerblading skills..I am not the arguments I pick with my husband a little too often..I am not my cute haircut..I am not my spider veins..I am not my children..I am not my minivan or my house..I am not my anxiety and I am not my career as a Hospice nurse. Who am I anyways?..I am the awareness that lies beyond all of those things..I am the life-sustaining breath that when I close my eyes and let it fill me up fully I realize there is no greater gift..I am the vibration and pulsation I feel in my hands and feet when I close my eyes and still my mind..I am the love that arises in my chest when I let go of everything, everything, everything else..I am the corner of my lips that turn up when I close my eyes and energetically send love to all beings ..we all are that energy and that love and that awareness..and yes we all have a bunch of other cool and sometimes, not so cool, aspects of our lives..but those things are all secondary to our soul..in her beautiful, quivering voice Tracy Chapman sings ‘all that you have is your soul’..so in this zirit-life breathe deep. send love. let go Right Now.”