Yoga Foundations Challenge

Jan 18, 2020

yoga class practicing ashtanga

Connect with our growing Ashtanga community on social media and share how your practice is unfolding and supporting your daily life each day. Beginning January 25, we’ll be exploring the Yamas and Niyamas as they apply to our daily lives, identify why these practices are important and how we can connect to them within our posture practice. Each day, Jessica (@jessicalynne108) will post about one of the ethical principles of yoga and ways we might apply these lessons to our daily life.

Tag @bellapranayoga in each entry along with #yogafoundationschallenge and #bellapranaashtanga to be entered in a drawing to win:

  • Mysore Practice Rug
  • Yogi Assignment by Kino MacGregor
  • 4 oz bottle of Mahanarayan Oil
  • PLUS 10% off workshops with Ajay Tokas in July 2020

Here’s a schedule of what we’ll be studying each day:

  • Sunday, January 26 – Kriyā Yoga and its value
  • Monday, January 27 – Ahimsā, non-violence includes so much more than you might think
  • Tuesday, January 28 – Satya, the vast extent of truthfulness
  • Wednesday, January 29 – Asteya, understanding the scope of non-stealing
  • Thursday, January 30 – Brahmacarya – celibacy and what it means for the yogi
  • Friday, January 31 – Aparigraha – non-grasping, feeling the difference between holding and grasping
  • Saturday, February 1 – Śauca – cleanliness and why it’s so important on our spiritual journey
  • Sunday, February 2 – Santoṣa – contentment, feeling joy everywhere
  • Monday, February 3 – Tapas – self-discipline as a path toward freedom
  • Tuesday, February 4 – Svādhyāya- self-study, repetition of mantras and calming the mind
  • Wednesday, February 5 – Īśvara Praṇidhāna – connection to the unknown

Join our community to expand our knowledge of the depth of yoga beyond āsana. See you on the mat soon!