Why Stephen Loves Yoga

Jul 1, 2015

steven_optStudent of the Month – Steven Klein

I have always been involved in athletics and weight training as long as I can remember, and fitness has always been a priority. I first practiced yoga in a studio last November in my hometown, Charlotte, NC, and I was hooked immediately. I had practiced yoga in gyms before over the years, but it just wasn’t the same. I’m not quite a year into my yoga practice, and already I couldn’t imagine my life without yoga. I’ve never had one day that I said to myself, “Gosh, I wish I wouldn’t have practiced yoga today!”

When I’m in a rut, or life throws me a “curve ball,” yoga provides a sanctuary to look within, reminding me to stop looking outside myself for answers especially during “tough” times.

When I practice yoga, I get a great workout, I detoxify, I meditate, I get centered, I breathe, and I am present. October 6th marked 10 years since I was hit by a car going the wrong way on the interstate. I have 5 plates and 21 screws in my arms that remind me every day, and practicing yoga helps me push to my limits while honoring what those limits are. I’m more centered, more at peace, happier, more flexible, and healthier than I was a year ago.

I practice yoga at Bella Prana, because I love the energy, the community, the instructors and classes, and, of course, Roni. Some of the messages she delivers to us in class have a positive powerful impact. And I can get there within 15 minutes from where I live.

I’ll take yoga teacher training in the future to learn more about yoga and maybe even teach a class here and there. I am very interested in the philosophy of yoga and the people that it attracts. As a population, I haven’t met a higher percentage of good people anywhere!

Yoga will be a lifelong practice for me. I plan to go on a yoga retreat at least once a year, and I hope to eventually inspire countless people to unroll a mat and start practicing yoga so they can experience the many benefits that I have and maybe even some that I haven’t.

Thank you Roni Sloman for creating this wonderful angelic space where I can lose my mind, if only for a little while, and be the real ME.