Teacher of the Month

Megan Weathers


What do I love most about teaching Yoga?

The thing I love most about teaching yoga is being a witness to my students healing. Whether it’s through laughter and commitment, courage, strength, peace, gratitude, grace or stillness.

One of my favorite moments?

I love when there is laughter and fun in class. But my favorite moment remains a time when I had a student who believed she had a physical limitation due to her cancer treatment. With the use of props, she was able to go upside down into a a supported handstand and break through this restricting belief of herself. The joy within her at the moment was simple and stunning and something money couldn’t buy. I saw the world through he eyes that day and have been changed ever since.

What do I do off the mat?

I have 3 children that I adore spending time with and many friends who have been with me on this crazy journey of life. I enjoy studying the different faiths of the world, cooking for people I love and just about any activity outdoors. But my greatest passion is one I grew up doing as a kid in the Midwest. I love racing sailboats. So when you see those beautiful sailboats on the bay, chances are I’m out on one of them. Give me a Wave!!