Pay Yoga Forward at Bella

Sep 30, 2020

woman with hands in front of her headBella Prana, in partnership with Breath & Body Alive, is furthering its work to support access to yoga and other wellness modalities for all who seek it by asking our community to pay their yoga forward. The Bella Prana Pay it Forward program is our way of allowing the community to help support others getting on the mat.

We recognize that barriers to flourishing wellness practices are not only financial, but are also structural, systemic, logistical, and practical, among others. Our desire is to create a system to sustain one another so that we can grow together as a community of shared belonging. Anyone may request support through this pay-it-forward model, and we will work with you in a way that honors your whole self and your being-in-the-world.


How to Pay it Forward

You can donate money, individual classes, and even class packages into a collective pool from which current and new students may draw in order to support their practice. You might also volunteer a few moments to check in with members who desire such connection for interpersonal support and accountability.


Donate on Venmo at
and put “Pay it Forward”
in the notes.

We believe fervently that it is just as good to receive as it is to give.


How do you request classes?

If you need assistance, we are thrilled to help you get on the mat! Please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you. Assistance will depend on the amount of funds available and need. Please let us know a little about you and thank you for the opportunity to support you.

Through a pay-it-forward model, we do not seek to predetermine your experience, but rather to offer support for your experience to unfold in its own organic way.


Helping you to do that –
is what we exist for.