Yoga and Brett Swift

Jul 5, 2015

brettswift_optAs May Student of the Month, we congratulate Brett Swift! He shares in this blog what he loves about yoga, how yoga and meditation has changed his life, and why he practices at Bella Prana.

I had read the article on Roni and the studio in the Tampa Tribune last April. Her personal history and dedication struck a chord, and that stayed with me. A dear friend of mine from California, who is an instructor, had been encouraging me for a few months to try yoga to help with the arthritis in my spine and knees. I had seen other studios in the area, but when I decided to start that article came back to me, and Bella Prana is where I decided to start my practice. From my first practice, I have found this to be one of the most welcoming and open environments full of encouragement, support, and peace.

Originally, I started my practice to help mitigate pain and increase mobility. As my practice progressed, those aspects have become a part of a much greater whole leading to sense of openness, awareness, and peace that extends beyond the time on the mat. All of which are encompassed by gratitude. I am grateful for each person that has touched my life and encouraged me on this journey.