Meet Mark

markMark started coming to Bella Prana over a year ago when we were a tiny unmarked room on Azeele Street. He has been one of the studio’s biggest supporters and has progressed from gentle yoga to help with a back injury to a regular Power level student and continues to take private lessons to further his practice. Mark, we are so grateful for your support! See below to learn more about how yoga compliments and enriches his life.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

I started practicing at Bella Prana about a year and a half ago. I take both private and group classes. I love them both. I practice at Bella Prana because Roni gives my life meaning and focus. Through her teaching and guidance, she has provided me with a deeper understanding of who I am and who I want to be. Plus, the yoga is fun and challenging and keeps me in shape.

How do you feel when you practice yoga?

When I practice yoga I feel great. It constantly lifts my spirits and makes my days more meaningful. I also like how some of the tools and techniques I have learned in class have transferred to other parts of my life. I believe I am more patient and thoughtful. I have Bella Prana to thank for that – mom thanks you as well!!

How are you different since yoga became a part of your life?

Since I have made the practice of yoga and meditation a part of my life, I know that I am in much better shape. I also think that I am kinder, more patient person. Yoga has brought a deep sense of meaning to my life and for that I am deeply indebted to Roni and Bella Prana.

Peace and love and Yoga!

Namaste – Mark