How do we take our yoga practice off our to-do schedule and into our hearts? Living consciously – which is the fancy way of saying be happy is what we all want. My evolution with yoga is a combination of hard work, the very best kind of desperation, and a longing for the divine. We’ll… Read More

I had attended a few yoga classes over the years here and there, always attaching the definition of “exercise” to the activity. Then about three years ago a friend of mine suggested I take a few private lessons with Laraine O’Neill as someone who could show me how to fit yoga into my then very… Read More

We Pretend We Don’t Know What’s Wrong Be honest … we usually know exactly what we have done or are doing to create the results we are experiencing. We know what we could change, but we don’t want to make the simple straightforward adjustments that are necessary. Often, if we are going to suffer through… Read More

So I just put out my first meditation CD, but people look at me funny when I say, “It was so easy, I recorded the whole thing on my phone!” I’m here to offer you a “no more excuses’ moment. Your meditation practice should not suffer another day or be delayed one more minute. We… Read More

My yoga practice began almost seven years ago when a co-worker told us about his weekly lunchtime practice at the Lotus Room. He spoke of a challenging physical practice and also of the calming meditation at the end of each class. As a technical lead, he had to work with some difficult people and situations.… Read More

I have come to firmly believe that there are certain universal laws. These laws do not exist to conflict with religion, but rather to work with it as a vessel for God to make himself undeniably visible in our lives. These laws are the ways that we can wrangle the wild animal of free will… Read More

“Fear is a powerful adversary. Fear keeps us trapped inside boundaries. Fear keeps us from learning something new, from making discoveries, from making new friends. Fear prevents us from reaching our full potential and from truly living our experiences. Take your fear, place it on a raft, push it out into the abyss. Defeat the… Read More

Dr. Deepak Chopra has spoken about asking many of his patients why they wanted to get better. They would say things like I want to be able to get back to my job, I want to take care of my family, I want to see the world and he would ask why they wanted those… Read More

Dear 2013, YES. I say YES to everything you have in store for me. YES to every stumble and every tear. YES to every hug and every kiss. YES to the things I will lose and YES to all that I will gain. YES to wrinkles I will acquire and YES to what the mirror… Read More

Each time we stretch our bodies, we are having an effect on our energy. In Chinese Medicine, energy is defined as “chi” and it is circling within us and all around us. As Diane Connelly says in Sarah Powers book, “It is only by chi that the planets move , the sun shines, and human… Read More