Inspired by Randee

Randee is kind, vulnerable, strong and gentle. She is willing to give all of herself in any situation and it is always a joy to see her walk through our doors. She is our Student of the Month for November and we couldn’t be happier.  Learn more about her below.

What do you love about yoga?

There are many things I love about yoga. I would say the most important thing to me about yoga is the peace I feel after I do my practice.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

Yoga and meditation has changed my life completely. It has helped me physically to no longer need certain prescription drugs and my body feels like it flows. Meditation has and continues to be a daily practice for me. I feel so much more centered than I did in the past. I am still a work in progress but I feel so blessed for the progress I have made.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

I practice at Bella Prana because I feel the energy from the staff and the clients is amazing. However, I may feel before I walk thru the doors of the studio, I ALWAYS feel better when I leave. I have made many wonderful friends in Bella Prana. It is a huge blessing in my life.

What is your favorite class to attend? 

It is so hard to pick a favorite class, because I enjoy practicing many different types of yoga! I would have to say Megan’s yin class is my favorite. I love starting off my week with Megan. She is an amazing yoga instructor and a wonderful and nurturing soul.

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