Magical Maharri

“To say that yoga “changed my life” to me seems like an understatement, because of the vastness in which I have been able to recondition, shift, and remerge into this human experience, reborn.”-Maharri

Maharri teaches our Hot Power, Flow 1 and BIPOC community class at the Bella Prāṇa Wellness Collective. In each class Maharri offers purely positive energy for everyone that joins. Maharri has experienced a complete transformation of who she is by immersing herself in yoga, read below to see how yoga has changed her life.

When/how did you discover yoga?

I discovered yoga about 15 years ago but got serious about the practice in 2013, when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that challenged me to get more radical about my health and wellness practices. My yoga practice actually started off the mat, with meditation, and from there it evolved to what it is today.

What do you love about teaching yoga?

Everything! Teaching yoga is an infusion and expression of soul and passion. I love being able to transmute the energy in a space through breath work while cultivating mind body awareness. I love taking my students on a journey through movement and music. I love empowering the minds and hearts of my students. I love sharing reflecting my true self; the organic essence of who I am. I love creating a safe space for my students to move past their inhibition and see themselves as a pure energetic expression of life; of love. I just love yoga. I love teaching and practicing!

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

The Practice of yoga (on and off the mat) has revolutionized my whole existence. It has allowed me to experience all of life as One Source of Energy, to connect to the highest frequency of love and absolute bliss. The endeavor to know your soul and become a Higher Truth. To experience True-Self through the law of dharma; serving my purpose and duty at my highest ability. Yoga brought me into a space of awareness, to know and not just believe. The flow of becoming and unbecoming. It is the paradigm that shifted me into self and moved me beyond self. Yoga introduced me to the play between stillness and movement, reaching and surrendering, the fullness of everything and nothing, allowing me to release the attachments. For me, yoga is the expression of life that unites this earth realm with the heavens and the stars. The principles of energy that encapsulates my soul’s journey and remove the barriers of the construct within this human experience. To say that yoga “changed my life” to me seems like an understatement, because of the vastness in which I have been able to recondition, shift, and remerge into this human experience, reborn. Yoga is my rebirth, rebirth in love and consciousness. Yoga revealed to me the flow and balance that is life and how to develop and maintain this flow and balance. Yoga allowed me to see I-Self in a way I cannot use words to explain, if you could see and feel into the energy field of my heart and spirit then and only then you would know the depth and height at which I have been reborn. Yoga at its fundamental source is the very essence of my life.

Why do you teach at Bella Prāṇa?

Bella Prāṇa quickly became my home studio when I relocated to Tampa last year. The first class I took at Bella Prāṇa was with Tina, (who I didn’t know was one the owners) and it was such an amazing experience that I automatically felt called to share my gifts with the community here. Tina, Roni, and Megan made a beautiful first impression that made me feel at home and already part of the community. Simply, I want to serve in a space where I can be my organic self; unconfined and undefined, where I can exist outside of “the box” and teaching at Bella Prāṇa allows me to just BE… I love my students, the desk angels, the management team and it is quite a refreshing and uplifting space to be in. I walk through the doors and the outside world dissipates, and I’m like “I am here!”

Tell us a fun fact about you?

I am a free-spirit! I love to live my life boundlessly, always uncovering, discovering, recovering parts of myself. I host the most mystical and magical yoga retreats. I love infusing dance and yoga. And I write poetry.


Maharri, you are changing the world one class at a time with your contagious positive energy. Regardless of the day anyone is having, as soon as we see your bright smile, it makes us feel better. We are so grateful that you are exactly who you are. Thank you for being the Teacher of the Month and sharing your incredible story.


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