Detox text made from fruits and vegetables

Detox and fuel your body after a yoga class with this green juice recipe inspired by Bella Prana instructor and holistic health coach, Charlotte Hardwick.


Basic Green Juice

8 leaves of kale or collards (or a combination)

½ bunch parsley or cilantro (or both)

3 stalks of celery

½ apple

½ lemon

1 cup of water

Benefits of Juice

Dark leafy greens: blood purification, improved circulation, strengthened immune system, promotion of healthy intestinal flora, lifted spirit, improved gall bladder, liver and kidney function

Lemon: aids in digestion, detoxifies liver and kidneys, improves bone, hair and eye health

Celery: lowers cholesterol, anti-inflamatory, aids in lowering blood pressue

Parsley: improves immune system, blood purifier, aids in digestion

Apple: lowers cholesterol, detoxifies liver, full of anti-oxidants, strengthens gums