Anne Popovich’s Journey

anne2_optCome into Bella Prana on any given day and you’ll probably run into Anne Popovich. As one of our monthly unlimited students Anne has been making yoga a daily part of her life. But that wasn’t the case not that long ago. See below to learn more about how Yoga has begun to inform every area of her life. Anne, we are so grateful that you have found a home at Bella Prana!

“As much as I don’t want to admit this, I was certainly one of those people who swore they would “never, ever do yoga”. Now I can’t EVER imagine my life without it. I almost have to laugh when i think back on my life before I started practicing, because it almost feels like I wasn’t truly “living”. Yoga makes me feel *alive*, in every single way possible. Prior to bringing the gift of yoga into my life, I was constantly running around trying to figure out who I am, what I want and need in my life, and the person I want to be. I recognize now that everything I want to be, I actually already AM, and everything I want and need, I actually already have. Yoga has challenged me in every physical, emotional and mental aspect of my life, yet at the same time has helped me to develop a greater understanding and peace about all 3. Yoga has taught me to accept my whole self, love my body for what it is, be more genuine towards family, friends and strangers, forced me to take risks and just have faith in the outcome, and most importantly…it has taught me to open my heart tremendously to many things I used to once close off. 

I felt a strong connection to Bella Prana before I ever even stepped foot in the door. In fact, I was actually moved to tears the first time I read Roni’s blog posted on the site. I just couldn’t believe that there were other people out there who actually felt the same way, and looked at life the same way, as I do. I must have read her blog and browsed through the website every day for 2 weeks before I finally got the courage to go to a class. Little did I know that Bella Prana would basically become what feels like my second home, and that I would meet the most genuine people who I value and appreciate as much as my own family. When I walk into the studio, I feel a sense of happiness, love, friendship and acceptance…all things I felt the very first time I opened the door, and the same feelings I continue to feel thereafter.  When I’m in the studio, I don’t want to leave…and when I’m not there, I’m constantly thinking about how I can’t wait until I’m in that beautiful space again.  There are times when I am on my mat and I feel like I am the only person in the world…and the luckiest, literally. when I’m on my mat, my heart and mind are wide open, more excited than ever for what I’m about to learn and experience. I then roll up my mat, and a better person emerges..every single time. I let myself take that same person out into the world, because that’s the real me, if I just “let it be”. I cannot thank you enough Roni, Bella Prana, all of the amazing instructors who continue to challenge, teach and inspire me, and all of the beautiful friends (both inside and out) that i have already made and am continuing to make, along the way. And yet, the most wonderful thing about this journey, is that it is only just beginning.” – Anne

“Yoga makes me feel alive, in every single way possible…I recognize now that everything I want to be, I actually already AM, and everything I want and need, I actually already have.”

– Anne

Anne Popovich is a student at Bella Prana Yoga Tampa FL and is passionate about meditation, her yoga practice, and is a certified yoga instructor.