Teacher Spotlight: Brittany

Brittany Klach yoga teacher month August 2019

Brittany truly embodies everything Bella Prana stands for. She exudes “beautiful energy” and it shows in not only her teaching but also in her work managing the studio. Brittany has impacting the lives of countless students and we are forever grateful for her dedication to the studio. She is our Teacher of the Month for August and shares more about her yoga journey below.

When/how did you discover yoga?

My sister, Christie, was the person who first introduced me to yoga. She completed her 200hr yoga teacher training in California and shortly after moved to Philly to manage a yoga studio. When I traveled home for the holidays in 2016, I took my very first yoga class. I was actually very surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I felt challenged, strong, inspired, and relaxed all at the same time. After just one class, I knew that one day I would be a yoga teacher too!!

What do you love about teaching yoga?

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. I want to inspire others to make positive change in their lives too!

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

While I was in college, I remember being so anxious and stressed out all the time. I did not have the tools to manage the way that I was feeling. Then I graduated and found yoga. I wish that I had found my practice sooner!! My lifestyle and physical/emotional/mental being is so much happier. I have been able to reduce stress through meditative practices and build positive body image through challenging asana practices.

Why do you teach at Bella Prana?

Bella Prana has been my home for so long! It was the first studio that I practiced at regularly. I cannot express how much I love this community: the students, management team, instructors, and desk angels!!! I have made so many amazing friends and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

What is your current “goal” asana and what are you doing to work towards it?

Ohhh I love this question! I am currently working towards chin stand. I love arm balances that challenge my physical body and require me to focus heavily on my breath. I have been taking my time to safely build my up body strength. More often than not, I customize my practice by lowering to my knees during chaturangas. This small change in my practice has allowed me to successfully hold and breathe in eka pada 1 and 2, most crow variations, and firefly. I’ve absolutely learned to listen to my body and when I’m ready, the postures just happen!

You can find Brittany at Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation in Tampa, Florida.