Hot 26 Yoga Teacher Training FAQ’s

Oct 21, 2021

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The Bella Prāṇa Collective is holding a Hot 26 Yoga Teacher Training November 12-14th of 2021. You can attend in person or virtually and this training is designed to be flexible for your needs. Below are the FAQ’s about our training and we are here to answer any questions as you consider this amazing experience!

Where do I sign up? 

On our Virtual Studio at and click virtual studio in the menu bar! Reserve your spot and purchase directly HERE. 

Do I need to be a teacher to take this training? 

No! You are welcome to take the training to deepen your practice and learn more about Hot 26. You do not need to be a teacher or even want to teach to take this training. We will go over intelligent cuing and have practice teaching as part of the program. 

What is the schedule? 

A week before the training, you will have access to 4 hours of recorded posture breakdown videos. 

Then, the training weekend is as follows with your teachers Maryam Bahkt and Alison Young and can be done live in person or virtually:

Friday, Nov 12

6:15pm- 9:00pm 

Saturday, Nov 13

8:30am- 5:30pm 

*12:30pm Hot 26 class is included in the schedule

Sunday, Nov 14

8:30am- 5:30pm 

*10:30am Hot 26 class is included in the schedule


After the training weekend, for those who would like to get a teaching certificate of completion, you will need to complete additionally: 

  1. 10 Hot 26 class (attending as a student either at Bella Prana with one of our lead teachers, on our virtual studio or at another studio in your area) 

2. Send a 60 minute or 90 minute video of you teaching Hot 26

3. Schedule a 20 minute mentorship call with Maryam Bahkt to go over any questions or receive feedback from your video

Who are my teachers? 

Maryam Bakht 

Maryam began her yoga practice in the mid 1990s and is a hot yoga teacher specializing in purposeful movement and mental strength and clarity. Maryam holds a PhD in Linguistics and in her time as a college professor developed research interests in the discourse of fitness and wellness, particularly as it pertains to yoga, language and identity and methods for practicing calmness and rest as a way to become more efficient and effective in work. Her interests in yoga are centered around the 26&2 series including developing practices that are inclusive for different bodies. As a linguistic consultant, Maryam gives workshops for individuals and groups on how to develop (yoga) teaching styles and persona to strengthen presentation skills.

Alison Young

Alison’s yoga journey began as a young mother to three small children. Faced with the mental and physical demands of raising children, she found cardio and weight training to be generally uninspiring. As a former disciplined gymnast in her youth, Alison was drawn to the asanas, inversions, and arm balances of an advanced yoga practice. Yoga proved to be a powerful way for her to reconnect with her childhood passion of sport and creativity while also addressing her need for mental stimulation and spiritual growth.

A graduate of Bella Prana’s 200 hour training program, Alison creates classes with a strong Vinyasa Flow while incorporating arm balances and inversions to elevate her students’ practice. She is adept at leading yogis of varied abilities and encouraging them to push past their boundaries. She is a playful but kindhearted instructor who thrives on challenging and energizing her students.

How do I take the 10 classes to get a teaching certification? 

If you plan to attend in person, let us know and we will place a 10 class package on your account. These classes can only be taken in Hot 26 and with one of your lead teachers- Maryam or Alison. 

If you plan to attend virtually, you will have 6 months unlimited access to the virtual studio and can take any of our Hot 26 classes on demand! 

What if I miss some of the weekend? 

The hot 26 yoga teacher training sessions will be recorded, so you can make up any time that is missed.


Please email [email protected] with any questions you have about this yoga teacher training at the Bella Prāṇa Collective in Tampa, FL.