Desk Angel: Emma

Sep 21, 2017

We are so grateful for our desk angel, Emma! Emma is beautiful on the inside and out and carries her total truth with her. Learn about Emma’s yoga journey and the life-changing strength the her practice creates in her life.

1. What do you love about yoga?

“I love yoga for… the journey, the acknowledgement of presence, the strength built, the growth encouraged, the heat created, the sweat earned, the flexibility developed, the comfort found, the energy shared, the knowledge gained, the connection to the divinity within, the community fostered, the medicine of movement, and the yoga bliss!!”

2. How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

“Yoga accepts me as the raw, stream of emotions, bubbled up and released, sometimes as a frantic hot mess of a human. Yoga reminds me to:

Inhale – feel the presence of now
Exhale – release the grasp on wishes of what didn’t happen
Inhale – acceptance of now

Meditation slows my breath, and relaxes my grip on the reins, so that I can better steer my emotions and thoughts from where they end up, towards where I would like them to be, towards a place of selflove and acceptance.

Yoga/meditation is my tether to sanity. After living through the riotous storm of emotional and chemical imbalances of miscarriages, and failed in vitro fertilization, yoga let me be present; Present with my angst, present with my pain, present with my physical limitations, and my utter lack of control. Yoga allowed, and continues to allow me to breathe through my pain and better appreciate the beauty in my life. The centering of self, the union of body and breath, all the work of yoga, helps me trek down a path of self-discovery. Finding strength in warrior poses, flexibility in pigeon, balance and the possibility of a moment in crow, all enables me to carry myself off the mat with more gratitude and lightness of spirit to share with my family, my community, and the universe.”

3. Why do you barter at Bella Prana?

“I barter at Bella Prana for the same reason I practice at Bella Prana, to be part of the beautiful energy radiated and shared with everyone that walks through the doors. Bella Prana is a blissful and joyous oasis of peace, love, acceptance that holds space for all of us to grow.”