Bill McCullough

bill_optI started yoga about six years ago doing it once a week. It was difficult because I was not very flexible after being a runner for 25 years, but I knew there was something in it that I needed to keep with it. When I started going to the Lotus Room and then some at the Lotus Pond, I started to feel more comfortable in my practice. There is something spiritual about yoga at times when we meditate before or after a class that I really enjoy. As I head to my 70th birthday, I know doing yoga will keep me active and flexible enough so I can do all the activities that I want to do. I really need to mention all the wonderful people I have met because “yoga people” have a certain caring demeanor about them.

Bella Prana was a lifesaver opening just as the Lotus Room closed. It was such a relief to not have to travel to another studio and to have the same instructors. Roni has done such a great job in welcoming us and living through two floors. Anyone who is in a class with me knows that I’m the official “moaner” when there is a difficult position or if we are in it too long (especially when they say three more breaths.) Shelly is the best at getting aches or soreness out of you, even though there are some unusual animal calls or songs that erupt from nowhere and whole room chimes in. For getting a great workout (towel wringing), Roni and Sara get it done and that’s only Flow 1.