Bikram’s Sweet Benefits

If you haven’t hopped on the Bikram trend yet, you’ll want to after reading these amazing full body benefits. Many people have suspicions about exercising in what’s essentially a sauna, like if detox, weight loss, and increased focus are worth three buckets of sweat. But hot yoga, more specifically Bikram, is blooming around the world as one of the most healing, strengthening, and centering yogic practices.


All yogis know their mat is the best place for therapy. But turn your thermostat up a couple notches, let’s say to 100°, and that’s when the real party starts. Because high temperatures allow your muscles to safely stretch to their limits, you can maximize the benefits of beginner postures. Warmed muscles also heal old injuries, prevent future damage, and are scientifically proven to reduce symptoms in asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and obesity. Yes please!

Although Bikram is low-impact, it uses muscles you wouldn’t even know you had. This makes you stronger and contracts your internal organs, which speeds up your metabolism, even after Shavasana. In a 90-minute class, you can burn up to 1,000 calories. But who’s counting, right? This is also the perfect way to build your focus on your breath and enduring difficult postures. The routine of 26 poses and two breathing exercises helps you gain perseverance and dedication. This mindfulness naturally flows over to your daily life off the mat, so you can find comfort in the uncomfortable more easily.


At Bella Prana, we believe the benefits of Bikram are truly life changing. We hope to see you sweaty yogis in class! If you’re nervous about the heat, our new studio has a room specifically designed for hot yoga, where CO2 is pumped into the room so you won’t feel fatigued from the high temperatures! We advise you bring water, a towel, and an enthusiastic heart. Remember, there’s no asana in sauna.