About Diacritic Markings

Our logo and name has a new look! We’re thrilled to share this new look which accurately portrays the Sanskrit (saṁskṛta)word Prāṇa with appropriate diacritic markings. In the language of Sanskrit, each letter has a precise and individual pronunciation. This is different than in English where letters have multiple pronunciations based on the letters that surround them. Each Sanskrit letter has a unique and individual pronunciation and the key to accurate pronunciation are the diacritic markings.

When Sanskrit is transliterated (transferred from traditional Devanāgarī script into Roman letters), it will include markings above or below necessary letters which reveal the key to accurate pronunciation. This accurate pronunciation is key to honoring this language of yoga and begins to unlock meanings from the words through recitation. The markings might be a line above, a dot above or below and each of these markings is a piece of the pronunciation puzzle.

Most commonly in the west, we’re exposed to Sanskrit words which are written out phonetically, which often leads to us imprinting our English pronunciations on Sanskrit words. You’ll see us using diacritic markings more regularly now as we do deep work as an organization to honor this practice of yoga that we all love and the history of yoga that has been brought to each of us in the 21st century.

We hope you’ll join us in delving into learning more about the roots of yoga and this transformative practice. Be on the look-out for more updates, workshops, trainings and lessons available for our community and as always, please ask us any questions you have, we’re here for you!

by Jessica Lynne Trese and all of us at Bella Prāṇa Yoga