Alyson Read’s Bella Story

Jul 2, 2015

alysonreadyoga_optGrowing up I was always involved in sports, activities, teams, etc … mainly gymnastics until 6th grade and competitive cheerleading after that through college. My “exercise” never felt like a chore. That is, until after college when I was through with all my “teams.” I was stuck in a cycle of trying new fitness/exercise trends, loving them initially and soon after getting bored and searching for something new. It took a lot of convincing to get me to my first yoga class.

Prior to trying yoga, I was under the impression that it was just stretching and meditating. However, I quickly realized I was sorely mistaken, and I couldn’t move for a week after my first class. At the time, I figured this was another fitness trend I would love then eventually get bored with and be on to the next thing. Three years later, yoga continues to challenge me physically, mentally and spiritually, and has become so much more than a workout for me.

Bella Prana has been a huge part of my yoga journey. I have made some great friends (some of which have become like family to me … you know who you are) and great memories. I encourage anyone to come give yoga a try … who knows, it just might change your life.

And … to anyone who says “yoga isn’t a workout” … I DARE you to try it. :)