August’s Teacher Feature: Abby G

If you like yoga to get you out of the mind and into the body, you’ll love yoga with Abby G! She’s August’s Teacher of the Month because of her therapeutic, yet lighthearted approach to many styles of yoga, like Hot 26, Flow 1, and Yin at Bella Prana. Abby fell in love with yoga through the Bikram series. She aims to create a space to get out of the mind and into the present moment through breath and asana and achieved her Hot Yoga Certification in 2010. After almost three years of living abroad, Abby and her husband settled in Asheville, NC, where she received her 200 RYT from Asheville Yoga Center. Learn more about why Abby teaches yoga:

1. When/ how did you discover yoga?

“I discovered yoga in 2007 when my ex’s step mom took me to a Bikram Yoga class in a tiny apartment in Queens! I practiced Hot Yoga (Hatha, Flow & Bikram) all through college and eventually earned a hot yoga certification in 2011.”

2. What do you love about teaching yoga?

“I love teaching yoga because it is really is an experience of the present moment. Teaching gives me an enormous practice of awareness – of myself, my words, my students and the practice I am teaching.”

3. How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

“I think I could write a paragraph on this! My three most obvious gifts from a practice of yoga would be: mindfulness, improved health (especially immunity!) and better understanding of what it is I need – and being okay with that changing on a daily basis.”

4. Why do you teach at Bella Prana?

“I teach yoga at Bella Prana because I love this community! It has been such a joy to get to know so many people – so many different people, might I say! I am able to teach in my own way and feel a sense of freedom in being who I am. I always feel supported by my and encouraged to be ME! – and that’s life changing. “