Your Brain and Yoga

I spent the past 4 days immersed in the Tony Robbins conference. Tony is a motivational speaker, but even more so he has spent his life studying neuro-associative conditioning. This is basically learning to use the way your brain works to create triggers and reactions that will cause you to think and feel the way… Read More

Freestyle Power Yoga

Freestyle Power Yoga is about finding your practice. I can tell you that it wasn’t until after one of my favorite teachers moved to Colorado that I truly learned the value of guiding myself with my own breath on the mat. I believe it’s the best way to make a direct connection to your inner… Read More

Eric’s Hilarious Journey

Why do I love Yoga? To answer this I must first tell you a little bit about the Big E. As a former 2 x All American at Ohio State University and all throughout my fighting career, I’ve always had workouts that have been about contracting my muscles and making them more explosive. Which is… Read More

My Belly and I

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the relationship I have with my belly, and the relationship our culture has with this area of our bodies that has led me into what has often been a tumultuous relationship with this crucial part of my anatomy. Now I’ll go ahead say before you get annoyed at… Read More

Why Stephen Loves Yoga

Student of the Month – Steven Klein I have always been involved in athletics and weight training as long as I can remember, and fitness has always been a priority. I first practiced yoga in a studio last November in my hometown, Charlotte, NC, and I was hooked immediately. I had practiced yoga in gyms… Read More

Life’s Invitation

My Dear, You are cordially invited to loosen up. You’re invited to stop thinking that everything revolves around you. You are welcome to not take everything personally. Please join me for this one and only chance to go with the flow. You’re invited to not need everyone to like you, and to speak with voice… Read More

Yoga Rhythm Lounge

For many of us, we grew up dancing from a very young age. As kids we turned up the music and started moving around in any which way to the rhythms we heard. As we got older the jams continued with Solid Gold in the 80s, the fly girls on In Living Color in the… Read More

Sunrise Yoga with Sarah!

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP — ugh, the alarm sounds and I think about hitting the snooze button, sleeping just a little bit longer, skipping my early morning yoga practice today. I can do it later, I think to myself, a little more sleep will feel good. But I know I won’t do it later. Once I… Read More

Stephanie’s Bella Story

Before Bella Prana moved in down the street from my house, my yoga practice was, in one word, inconsistent. I was always a gym rat, so yoga for me was more about the stretching and relaxing. I never stuck with a certain class and always seemed to be very bored half way through. I was… Read More

A Joyful Practice for 55+

I have just returned from a month long teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. Why at 72 years of age would I put myself through such an intense and physically exhausting experience? Well the question really is “How could I not?” I came to the yoga mat at 70. As… Read More