Living Our Yoga

How do we take our yoga practice off our to-do schedule and into our hearts? Living consciously – which is the fancy way of saying be happy is what we all want. My evolution with yoga is a combination of hard work, the very best kind of desperation, and a longing for the divine. We’ll… Read More

Stupid Things We Do

We Pretend We Don’t Know What’s Wrong Be honest … we usually know exactly what we have done or are doing to create the results we are experiencing. We know what we could change, but we don’t want to make the simple straightforward adjustments that are necessary. Often, if we are going to suffer through… Read More

The Four Noble Truths

Dr. Deepak Chopra has spoken about asking many of his patients why they wanted to get better. They would say things like I want to be able to get back to my job, I want to take care of my family, I want to see the world and he would ask why they wanted those… Read More

Letter to the New Year

Dear 2013, YES. I say YES to everything you have in store for me. YES to every stumble and every tear. YES to every hug and every kiss. YES to the things I will lose and YES to all that I will gain. YES to wrinkles I will acquire and YES to what the mirror… Read More

The Three Questions

“Peace comes from being aligned with the present moment. Wherever you are, you feel that you are home – because you are home.” – Eckhart Tolle Roni’s Opening to Class: This is a room filled with imperfections, with black sheeps and wanna-be’s. We have let people down, gotten lost, said the wrong thing, slept when… Read More

The Six Human Needs

Why do we do what we do? Why do we behave the way we behave? Some physiologists have identified 6 main human needs. People find ways to meet these needs in positive, negative, or neutral ways, but every person finds a way to meet them in some way. We have some genetic propensities, but we… Read More

Enemies of Gratitude

Below are three Enemies of Gratitude, meaning that when these things exist in our minds or hearts then gratitude cannot. The environment that these emotions create cannot sustain the life of anything that has the ability to propel us closer to the people we want to be. Here are three of the enemies of gratitude… Read More

Right to Reinvent Yourself

Eckhart Tolle wrote “Evolve or Die”. During a trying time in my life I had those words hanging in my room.That sentence resonated with me on every level. I literally felt that things either had to change or things were going to end. The other quote that hung on my wall said “The recognition of… Read More