Desk Angel Leslie Grimm

We are delighted to celebrate Leslie Grimm as our Desk Angel of the Month for September 2020. Leslie is such a sweet soul and truly embodies beautiful energy.  She’s also our biggest Instagram fan!  Thanks Leslie and congrats on making Bella Prana a welcoming place. What do you love about yoga? I love Yoga because… Read More

Gustavo’s Yoga Discovery

From the minute Gustavo walks in the door at Bella Prana, he is smiling! As he readies for his practice, he is personable and clearly attentive on checking in on others. New to the practice of yoga, Gustavo talks about the quintessential timing in discovering yoga. We are thrilled to celebrate Gustavo Jimenez, as our… Read More

Our Sweet Karla

With each instruction carefully crafted, a lighthearted sense of humor, a spirited intentional practice, and a strong and gentle way to always remind her students to stay in the present moment, we are delighted to celebrate Karla Pinzon, as our Teacher of the Month for August 2020. When/how did you discover yoga? I first discovered… Read More

Silver Linings

I hesitated to share this because I want to be sensitive to people’s experiences, but I stumbled upon this quote by the Dali Lama, “Happiness is the highest form of health”, and this got me thinking. Maybe it’s my way of coping, or self- soothing, but I try to find the positive in everything. So… Read More

HELP! I’m Stuck at Home!

Help! I’m stuck at home and my diet has gone out the window! I’ve got you!  First things first. You are not alone. This is new territory for us all, and we’re all doing the best we can. With that said, I almost wish I would have invested stock in pasta. In grocery stores all… Read More

Routines & Schedules

Routines & Schedules: Why Something That Sounds Boring is Powerful. We were thrown a pretty big collective curve ball recently, and I know I’m still adjusting. My normal weekly routine of teaching large yoga classes, going to school, counseling clients in person, and visiting with friends and family pretty much flipped sideways overnight. Everything in… Read More

Erika – Yoga is Magic

  If you haven’t met our Desk Angel Erika yet, than be sure to stop by and say hello. Erika is one of the most sweetest, compassionate and dedicated Desk Angels. No job is too big or small and she goes above and beyond for others. Erika defines her yoga journey as “magic”, and describes… Read More

Yoga = Life Simplified

This month, we are celebrating Linda Sloan as our Student of the Month for March 2020. When you think about yoga and what it defines, Linda couldn’t have said it any better. Find out how and why Linda’s life is more simplified with a regular practice of yoga. What do you love about yoga? What… Read More

Dedicated Michelle

  When you hear the words radiates beautiful energy, you think of our Desk Angel, Michelle Crespo.  An educator by day and yogi by night, Michelle is fierce and inspiring.  We are excited to celebrate Michelle as our Desk Angel of the Month for February 2020.  Get to know why Michelle loves yoga and how… Read More

Spirited Rena

  Rena Blais calls Bella Prana her happy place.  Acknowledging the essence of community and understanding the profound benefits of yoga, we are delighted to feature Rena as our Student of the Month for February 2020. What do you love about yoga? There is so much I love about yoga… but mostly how it makes… Read More