Plug Into Life Again

If you stepped into my house for a day, you would hear the phrase, “No electronics, electronics off!,” at some point of almost every day. Having three boys, they love to get on the computer, the smartphone, the tablet, the X box, anything that can broadcast a video game or some kind of silly video.… Read More

Yoga Bootcamp

I have always had an interest in fitness. It started when I was young and I just loved to move. My parents quickly got me into dancing where I was immediately hooked on almost any format I tried. As I got older, I continued to see movement as my medicine, something I needed to do… Read More

Chittra Reddy and Yoga

How did you get into yoga? Well that’s a long story … but the short end of it was another physician at work told me about a place called Mysore in India, a small city in the south. I had a few months off, so I headed down there and it was so beautiful. I… Read More

Meditation in Movement

For the first time in a long while, I had a free morning. As the mother of three small kids, these moments of alone time can feel like the most brilliant of gifts. Even though my “to-do” list was staring me down, I chose to hop on my bike and get in some well-needed exercise… Read More

Reflexology and Yoga

When we are in a complicated pose, a nice vinyasa flow, or even a restorative class, our feet normally have an equal or lesser importance than the rest of our body. What if the reason you weren’t progressing in your yoga practice was in your feet?! I am here to make a case that your… Read More

Yanna Galante’s Story

How has yoga changed your life? I had been practicing yoga for about 7 years, when in 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, I didn’t realize how much I relied on my yoga practice to get me through the next few years. It made me strong enough to cope with this… Read More

Better Posture: Better Life

We have all heard the saying “sit up straight” and we have all experienced that it’s not that easy. Posture is influenced by many factors such as our work, our daily habits, our exercise and the aging process. Imbalances often result from long-term compensation patterns and adaptations. Physical changes occur to the body’s anatomy and… Read More

Bahareh’s Yoga Tale

I became interested in yoga about six years ago after going to a class with a friend. Initially, the stretching and breathing was very appealing to me because I started learning how to calm myself in a way that I did not understand before. Since by nature I tend to be more hyper, I appreciate… Read More

Living Our Yoga

How do we take our yoga practice off our to-do schedule and into our hearts? Living consciously – which is the fancy way of saying be happy is what we all want. My evolution with yoga is a combination of hard work, the very best kind of desperation, and a longing for the divine. We’ll… Read More

Jennifer’s Love of Yoga

I had attended a few yoga classes over the years here and there, always attaching the definition of “exercise” to the activity. Then about three years ago a friend of mine suggested I take a few private lessons with Laraine O’Neill as someone who could show me how to fit yoga into my then very… Read More