Matt’s Yoga Journey

What do you love about yoga?

I love the meditation of breath and movement that is yoga. I love the challenge of maintaining your breath throughout your practice even as you navigate through your weakest and most difficult poses. I love the awareness I find throughout my body during my practice.  I love pulling my lower ribs in, activating my core, releasing my shoulders down my back, and opening my heart. My practice brings me so much joy and I am so grateful to have found it.


How have yoga and meditation changed your life?

Yoga has taught me how to love and accept myself. The changes in my spiritual, mental, and physical health since I began practicing yoga have been truly remarkable. Yoga has given me tremendous relief from incessant negative thinking and has taught me to be aware of the dangerous stories of the ego. It has helped me to accept and face the challenges that life always brings with breath, courage, and intention.  It allowed me to embrace a healthier lifestyle, get into shape, and find my core strength. It’s even helped improve my golf game.

What do you love about yoga? The teachers and staff are incredible. I am grateful to have been able to deepen my practice with guidance from teachers like Greg Haas, Tina Tidwell, Eric Wheeler, Meagan Weathers, and so many other amazing people. Bella Prana helps me to keep a disciplined practice by offering classes later in the evening and throughout the day.  I really enjoy the hot power flow classes they offer. There is a great community of yogis at Bella and I am blessed to be able to continue my yoga journey there.