Yoga for Seniors

Closeup of senior woman doing yoga with ocean in background - copyspace

Closeup of senior woman doing yoga with ocean in background – copyspace

I am living proof that life is an adventure. Yes…me! Who could imagine that I would be preparing to embark on a month long yoga retreat. A place to go all alone. A place to go to learn to be. A place to go to learn to teach. Yes me! I, who have never thought of myself as a teacher, am being pushed to a place I never thought I would go. I want to devote myself to teaching yoga to seniors. Seniors like me. After all, I came to the yoga mat for the first time on my 70th birthday. Now, as I approach my 72nd birthday I am a changed woman.

But I do not want to just teach yoga even though yoga has been a life changing experience for me. Yoga has helped me heal myself from an eating disorder that had plagued me for 55 years ( another topic for another time). Yoga has taught me that life is a joyful expression of the moment. Yoga has taught me that as I breathe and stretch into an asana I can reach a place of nothing and nowhere. Yoga has reminded me that I can continue to be anything I want to be no matter my age. I can live fully until I am done. I want to share those thoughts with anyone and everyone who will listen both on and off the mat! And I want to share the bliss that comes with learning the asanas and knowing that I can have confidence in my body….even now…especially now.

Try. Just try! The best part of yoga is that it is a blend of mind , body and spirit. It is a solitary experience shared with a community. There is no judgment and certainly no self-judgment. “Oh but I can’t do that..I am too old..too stiff.. too afraid I will look foolish”. NONSENSE! Yoga will add years to your life and life to your years.

Look for me when I return from my adventure. We can explore this journey of life together. I will tell you my story and you will tell me yours because we all have a story. We will share ourselves on the mat.