As yoga grows and evolves in our modern world it can be nice to be reminded of simple ways to respect the sacredness of a yoga studio and how to mold your experience around your needs. Below are the main ways that we can take simple steps to honor our shared space and design our practice.

Cell Phones

At Bella Prana we ask that you leave your cell phone in the lobby or in your car. We do understand there are extreme circumstances, like a sick child or a doctor who is on call. In those instances, we ask that your phone is hidden from sight and on  “do not disturb”. You can then check your phone in a rest pose, but it will not vibrate or disturb others.

Shoes, Bags and Keys

Please leave your shoes bag/purse and keys in a cubbie in the lobby. At Bella there will always be a desk angel there to watch your things. If you still don’t feel comfortable please lock them in your trunk so they are safe during your class, or leave keys with our front desk. Leaving the studio space clean to the eye and floor space open for students and props helps create the clean and thoughtful space we all love.

Namaste Away Cards

In our lobby on the wooden wagon wheel, you will find “Namaste Away” cards. If you do not want to be touched you can grab one of these cards and place it under the front corner of your mat. This will alter your instructor that you do not wish to be touched. You can also ask the front desk for a dry erase marker to write any specific injuries or issues you would like to remind your instructor of.

Remember to Leave your Sweat Towel and Mat

If you rent a towel or mat from the studio please remember to leave it with us. If you take one on accident please bring it back to us. We are so grateful!

Appreciate our Desire to Create a Neutral Space

We all have different ideas of what temperature we would like a room or how challenging we would like a class to be. Please know that at Bella we strive to make all students comfortable, but we do purposely make some rooms warmer than others so that students can warm up safely for more active classes. If a class feels too challenging please remember you can rest and modify as needed, and all of our instructors encourage you to practice at your own pace.

Communicate with your Instructor

When you arrive to class please let us know if you have any special issues or injuries we should be aware of. Remember that we have props such as blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets and eye covers to help you make it the perfect experience for your body. Don’t hesitate to wave and instructor over if you need help modifying a pose.