Yoga Bootcamp

ashleyhalley_optI have always had an interest in fitness. It started when I was young and I just loved to move. My parents quickly got me into dancing where I was immediately hooked on almost any format I tried. As I got older, I continued to see movement as my medicine, something I needed to do to stay balanced and happy, kind of like an apple a day. Anytime that I fell out of an exercise routine, life seemed more challenging and harder. So, I hit the gym regularly staying fit with weight training and cardio.

And then I found yoga, and wow – this was the movement that spoke to my soul. By combining the breathing with fluid movement, my mind felt clearer than ever. I began to replace all my gym workouts with yoga. I traveled the world studying with some of the most well-known yogis as I began to devote myself to the practice of yoga.

After a few years of using yoga as my sole fitness experience, I began to notice that while some areas of my body were strong, others were becoming weaker. I began to feel discomfort in my low back, my stamina seemed sluggish, and my legs felt weak. When I looked in the mirror, my body still looked fit, but something was missing. I was missing the endurance, cardio, dynamic strength, and explosive movements of my gym training.

By discovering my own areas of imbalance, I decided to merge my yoga with the other workouts I needed to create strength again and the class Yoga Bootcamp formed. Yoga Bootcamp is the cross training workout that got me back into shape and I can’t wait to help others feel how powerful they can become. After this type of workout, you will feel invigorated and confident. The Warrior (vira power) within comes alive, which you will carry within you in every aspect of living. Playful, spontaneous and courageous, we train as a group for an intense, hot, sweaty class all in one hour.

Yoga Journal describes Yoga Bootcamp as, “Supporting your yoga with more-vigorous exercises in a fitness boot-camp setting can be a powerful way to condition your body and take your practice to new heights.” Ashley is bringing this fun new class to Tampa for us – come give it a try!

Check out Ashley Halley’s NEW Yoga Bootcamp Class on Fridays at 12:15 p.m.

Yoga Bootcamp is a conscious fitness program blending yoga and strength training to increase endurance, stability, focus, and power. In this hour-long class you will use resistance bands, interval training, cardio bursts, targeted yoga stretching, and train as a group to build stronger, leaner bodies. The focus is on bringing Eastern and Western philosophies together so body and mind are balanced and refreshed. Always fun and playful, this is not your typical yoga class. Be prepared to get your sweat on and burn some calories! Class format is designed by Ashley Halley with easy-to-follow movements perfect for all levels.

Yoga Bootcamp will help you:

o Improve your range of motion

o Build stability and strength

o Elongate and sculpt muscles

o Improve your cardiovascular stamina

o Build endurance

~ By Ashley Halley