We Love Luc

Luc has been a loving and powerful teacher with Bella Prana; we and her students love her! It is easy to see why she is our teacher of the month for February! Luc has shared some insight into what yoga and Bella Prana mean to her.

When/ how did you discover yoga?

I have practice yoga in the “light” way for a while but it was not until I moved to Tampa in early 2013, when I truly discovered yoga. I just recently had a baby then and needed some/any kind of exercise. Little did I know how much my life was going to be effected and altered by this yoga thing

What do you love about teaching yoga?

It gives me freedom. It’s like a therapy. It’s an opportunity to share something really important. It’s an opportunity to connect with people in an extremely meaningful way.  While your body is doing some work your mind is doing even more. And your heart and soul benefit the most. Teaching yoga is one of the most important things I have done.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

I can’t even begin to explain. It saved my life. And it continues doing that every time I show up on my mat. I think the single most important way to describe it is awareness. Awareness of the mind. When you become aware, things shift and change. In a very BIG WAY.

Why do you teach at Bella Prana?

When I first moved to Tampa I was very isolated. It really was not until I found the Bella Prana community that made things better.  The teachers the students and now my students. It’s the amazing people that make Bella Prana a special place. Bella Prana is where I connected with my yoga practice as a student and that’s where I became a teacher. I am sure one day I will to move on but it will always be my very special place.