We Love Lauren

Lauren has grace and fluidity that we all love! She offers fun and versatile yoga sequences that are both approachable and challenging.  Her love for yoga shows in all that she does!  We are grateful to have her as part of the Bella Prana family and proud to name her our Teacher of the Month for September!  Learn more about her journey below!
When/how did you discover yoga?
In my first year of college I decided to take up yoga classes at a local studio in Valrico. I was immediately drawn to the dynamic postures, the connection my breathe, and the simplicity of just taking time out of the day to move. Ever since then yoga has been an integral part of my life and I don’t think that will ever change!
What do you love about teaching yoga?
I love being able to work with people of all ages and backgrounds in a safe space to challenge the body and mind. Sharing teachings from my own experience is just half the fun, I am also constantly learning about yoga from observation and communication with my students as well.
How has yoga & meditation changed your life?
Yoga and meditation are always giving me away to step out of the daily grind and focus on my own well being. Being able to learn to listen to the body, then practicing poses that compliment our unique needs teaches us how to give ourselves what we need off the mat as well.
Why do you teach at Bella Prana?
Three years ago I finished my 200RYT at Bella Prana and have stuck with the Bella Tribe ever since! I am grateful for all of our versatile class offerings, talented instructors, and beautiful facility!
Tell us more about how you became an aerialist?!
Aerial Arts became a major part of my life as I was completing my 200hr RYT. Yoga had set me up perfectly to start down a new and challenging pathway with the Aerial Dragons right here in Tampa. I love that yoga influences my body awareness on the silks, and how aerial has really influenced my yoga teaching style making me both a stronger and more informed instructor.
Find Lauren at Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation in Tampa, Florida.