We Love Jessica

Jessica’s energy is contagious and light!  We all smile the moment she enters the studio and we are proud to have her as our Teacher of the Month for March!  She shares some insight into her yoga story below.

When/How did you discover yoga?

The summer of 2014 while going through a big life transition – was introduced through a friend.

What do you love about teaching yoga?

I love teaching because it is an opportunity to hold space for others to heal.  It is a gift to lead others to vulnerability, strength, empowerment, and compassion.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

This beautiful practice continues to teach me discipline and grace.  Always requiring me to “show up” for myself and build a breath that keeps me present.  A source for less reaction, more patience, humility, and peace. Providing me the space to let go of fear and attachment; teaching me to surrender, wholeheartedly.

Why do you teach at Bella Prana?

I love the students, teachers, desk angels, leaders, etc., that move through this space!  It is ALL of them that make my experience teaching here so magical.